Germany: Protecting Jew Bones Top Priority

If there's a silver lining to the systematic and carefully planned kosher destruction of White homelands it's that the "diversity" unleashed by the nation-wrecker is not selective in its pathology and is as likely to target one of g*d's favorite people as some unclean piece of meat. The jewish urge to destroy Whites is so overpowering it overrides even their own self-interest. Obviously a completely homogeneous White area full of "jews are g*d's chosen" goyim would be the ideal venue for the scams of the traveling merchant, but the shkotzim must die. The rat devils are guaranteed to be hit by friendly fire, which provides an opportunity to wail about the six twiddlezillion and force the gentiles to grovel and offer special protections against the biological plague unleashed by the same shrieking jew begging for help.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel told an international conference on anti-Semitism in Berlin that crimes against Jews and attacks on Jewish sites were attacks on Germany.

That's right goy, there are international conferences dedicated to eliminating thought crime against the poisonous mushrooms, while you should accept having literally no one in a position of power advocating for White interests. We're expected to silently die, while moe-ham-head kicking over a tombstone must be the main issue facing a rapidly dying Germanistan.

Speaking at an assembly at the Bundestag, the German parliament, on Monday, Merkel said: "We must never accept it when tombstones on Jewish cemeteries are being desecrated because then, our culture is being desecrated.

German women are under attack from the rapefugee invaders, but we don't care. It's more important to defend some kosher rocks. After all, what's more German than the wandering jew, the parasite with a bag full of con games, the alien outsider in every country its found?

"If synagogues become the target of hate and violence the pillars of our free society are shaken," Merkel added.

The synagogue, that lighthouse of freedom where satanic vermin plot to destroy our lands. Truly the jew nests are the pillars holding up "freedom" and hypocritical democracy.

Her comments came as official figures show German-born far-right supporters commit the vast majority of anti-Semitic crimes in the country.

Seems plausible. It certainly isn't the "women and children" fleeing "war." You can trust us, we're your criminal government that's working hard to destroy you.

The safety of Jewish communities is particularly sensitive in Germany due to the murder of over 6 million Jews by Hitler's Third Reich.

Oy, the precious dingleberryzillion up the chimney, my entire family electric belted over and over and fed into the bone-crushing device.

Full Story.

"Destroy your own country, you unclean meat."


  1. Yeah! You're right. Any white who cant see their agenda is either dumb, in denial, or suicidal.


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