Illegal Alien Murders Whites After Failed Deportation Attempts

We could never deport all the illegal may-hee-can sewage flooding into our country, so a sensible alternative is to simply lie down and die, allowing the worst la-teen-oh criminal elements to invade, suck taxes and go on murder rampages. It is, after all, the right thing to do. Having borders, sovereignty, rule of law or even basic sanity is "races," ask anyone. We must pretend that removing the worthless and dangerous wetback is both impossible and morally wrong. Of course neither is true and Whites are starting to wake up to this reality, although the hour is late. If you live in the U.S.S.A. and vote for anyone other than Donald Trump you're at best a fool and at worst a traitor.

Authorities missed two chances last year to deport an illegal alien who is accused of gunning down five men in Kansas and Missouri this week.

Yeah, sorry about that. I'm sure we'll see massive firings, a complete overhaul of the current policies and an impeachment of Barry Soetoro for treason. Well, that or absolutely nothing and then the memory hole. I mean, next time they'll put the criminal burrito-biter on the proper side of an imaginary line and tell the foreign scumbag to not cross it on the honor system. That should work.

Pablo Antonio Serrano-Vitorino, 40, is charged with killing a neighbor and three other men with an AK-47 on Monday night in Kansas, then gunning down another man at his home about 170 miles away in rural Missouri on Tuesday morning.

Natural conservatives, here for a better life. Deep family values, religious devotion and belief in honest hard work. We need a lot more of them, every mainstream politician agrees, from the cultural marxist to the cuckservative.

Now, it has emerged that he slipped through the net of U.S. immigration authorities twice last year – one after he faced domestic battery charges in June and following a traffic arrest in September.

This revelation was greeted with deafening silence, a quick trip down the memory hole and a reminder that having a problem with foreign invasion is "races" and a sin against Holy Mother Synagogue.

La-teen-oh turd rewarded our national weakness by killing Whites.

A spokesman for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) said the agency ‘regrets the error’ that allowed Serrano-Vitorino to remain in the country illegally, the Daily Caller reports.
It is somewhat unfortunate, like spilling coffee or whatever. Please ignore the dead Legacy Americans, they probably deserved it for being White.   

The agency had sought to detain the Mexican national In June last year, but they sent the detention order to an agency that didn't have him in custody.

Just routine government incompetence, usually it doesn't end with dead Whites, honest. Hey, did you know there's African Tree Hockey on the Telavivision this week?

Even more surprising, the 40-year-old had been deported in April 2004, but re-entered the country at some unknown time, according to ICE.

I know, I was surprised too. Imagine that.

He has at least one previous conviction - an unspecified terrorist threat for which he was sentenced to two years in a California prison - that led to his deportation.

Well, we've all made mistakes. We'll get this violent monster to vote for Rafael Cruz, don't you worry.

ICE also said Serrano-Vitorino was convicted in 2014 of driving under the influence in Kansas.

Driving while meskin.

In February 2003, police were called to his home after his wife said he pointed a loaded rifle at her and threatened to kill her, according to a probation officer's report.

I think we've firmly established what a model Murrykwan (just not legally!) this living dog shit truly was.

The report recommended prison time for Serrano because his "actions should not be taken lightly.’

One would think, but when you live in a nation that's lost its mind and soul and can't even protect itself from obvious threats you can't worry about every little terrorist threat from mexican nationals that strolled across an undefended border.

Serrano-Vitorino is jailed in Montgomery County, Missouri, on $2 million bond related to the Kansas charges.

It remains to be seen how an inept, lazy and thoroughly corrupt system will screw this up.


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