Impulsive Negro Behavior Blamed for Chiraq Warzone

Everyone is equal. It's hard to believe how such a ridiculous untruth ever got even the slightest traction, even accounting for the desire for justice and fairness unique to Whites that the jew has weaponized against us. Anyone with working eyes and ears (or a working nose) can immediately recognize that the negro is a failed branch of humanity that has neither the intelligence nor self-control to live in a civilized White nation. These truths are self-evident, but after the disastrous jewish century it became a crime to point out reality. Instead there was the cowardly retreat, run and hide from the expanding rot until the day when a mulatto puppet proposes more Somalis for Idaho. What then, White man? What then?

The city of Chicago is witnessing its deadliest start to a year in nearly two decades -- 102 people have been killed and 475 people were shot in the city since January 1st.

How can we blame the predictable the banal negro and la-teen-oh evil on "races" Whites? Probably insufficient funding for "dem programs" or perhaps our invisible privilege is somehow interfering with the minuscule frontal lobes of the inferiors. Radio waves of hate beaming themselves into simian minds, making brothas hostile, mang. Come on, use your imagination! You swallowed hard on other ridiculous jewish deceits, you can take this one, too.

The official police homicide count sits at 97, which includes only murders as opposed to what police consider justified homicides such as self-defense. 2016 is the most violent start to a year in the city since 1997, the Chicago Tribune reported.

The end game of negro appeasement. We gave up our rights, pretended we didn't see the pathology, paid all those outrageous taxes to fund the evolutionary dead-end. And here we are. Not even summer jungle season and already nearly a hundred anthropological curiosities blasted while sitting in cars or walking to Grandma's. Nigga bodies (Ah! Ah!) pumped full of lead, all out war in the Midwest Mogadishu. All the groveling, payment and shed blood accomplished nothing. Their behavior is worse than ever. They need to be removed.

“The level of violence is unacceptable and CPD continues to aggressively target those responsible, especially in neighborhoods where gang activity is most active,” CPD spokesperson Anthony Guglielmi wrote in an email.

We're dedicated to cleaning up after the tribal warfare and avoiding arrests because it's "races" to put a negro in prison.

Police blame some of the surge in violence on gang conflicts and retaliatory crimes, many of which officers now say begin on social media before spilling out onto the streets.

Tar monsters torn from your darkest nightmares menace each other on jewbook and then attack their fellow shit-colored animals in the streets of a dead city.

A recent study by the University of Chicago Crime Lab concludes that combining the high level of gun carrying in Chicago with impulsive behavior and drug use has also contributed to the extreme bloodshed.

Clearly guns are to blame and every White person should be made as defenseless as possible. Oh, I should also mention the poor impulse control, low intelligence, lack of future time orientation and drug abuse but it's mostly the guns, not the 70 I.Q. and crack habit.

To complicate matters, the hubs of Chicago’s crime, the city’s west and south sides, potentially have become even more dangerous as the so-called “Ferguson Effect” is impacting how police patrol the streets.

The new polite name for eroding rule of law, where we can't punish the good boy turning its life around and about to go to college because it's a sin against our State Religion.

Analysts say officers are engaging less out of a fear of lawsuits or being labeled racist. 

...the land of the feeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...and the home...of the...slaaaaaaavvvvveeeeee...

Even Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said in October 2015 that officers have become “fetal.” 

The skeletal jew that failed, a police force returning to the womb. A massive abortion for a city of millions.

In an exclusive new agreement with the American Civil Liberties Union, Chicago Police officers are now required to fill out a two-page contact card after every engagement ranging from a simple ID check to an arrest.

I gave a negro criminal an unkind glance...time to fill out several pages for the American Communist Lawyers Union. Well, look at that, the tribal warfare is increasing at an alarming rate. Who could have predicted this?

The Chicago Fraternal Order of Police says the ACLU contact cards are burdensome and officers worry the compiled statistics could somehow be misconstrued and used against them. 

Yeah. No shit.

As a result, Chicago Police reported officers engaged a staggering 80 percent less in the month of January.

"No arrests were made." For fear of the jew the last line of holding back the tide of brown savagery quietly surrenders and a city is consumed by African and Latin American pathology.

In response to the skyrocketing crime CPD has formed a Gun Violence Task Force, teaming up with the Cook County Sherriff’s office and other local and federal agencies including Homeland Security.

Anything but noticing the actual cause of the violence and addressing it. Let's just attack your constitutional rights, that's sure to reform Barkevious.

“If we can generate four, five, 10 small things to help our communities we will have accomplished something,” Dart said.

Your tax dollars at work. Keep paying, the negro should experience marginal, barely noticeable improvement any day now.

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