Miscegenation Proposed as Solution to German Rapefugee Invasion

Everything our jewish enemy does is with the end goal of displacing us in our homelands and then destroying us completely. This is White genocide. Once you understand this the confusing and contradictory kosher attacks on White nations start to make sense. The spiritual sickness is for Whites and only Whites. For example, our homelands must be invaded by foreign hordes of fighting age aliens. Then, when the inevitable rapes and murders occur the jew is right there with the solution: voluntarily surrender our women to moon cult harems. What will happen to White men is not addressed, we can only assume marginalization and death. Meanwhile the "unclean meat" must be burned on the alter of "diversity," a sweet savor for the satanic enemy that won't be happy until the last White has been hunted down and eliminated.

Most of Germany's refugees come to escape death and war. Some are fleeing poverty. Hardly any come to fall in love. But if they are to be integrated into society, some of them will have to. And it won't be easy. 

As Europe tosses itself on the smoking cremation pyre prepared for dead nations let's talk about the horny level of the foreign invader and how they're really just looking for courtly romance and a deep mutual bond with a snow hoe and are certainly not here to play grab-ass at the swimming pool or sexually assault prepubescent girls.
Ali* had just hopped off a midnight train from Munich in Berlin's main railway station and was tired, bewildered.

*Names changed by request, to protect families involved.

It turns out this sand creature's name was actually moe-ham-head. Also we must protect the families, because "racists" are sure to target individual members of the teeming horde of wretched islamic garbage. All the apathy and silent acceptance of our own destruction is just a trick, we all know Whites are pure, refined evil. 

Ali had arrived in Europe over the Balkan route: to Greece by boat from Turkey, then through Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary and Austria.

Let's examine the unique and highly individualistic life story of a randomly selected locust from the giant cloud devouring White countries. 

Lena* was at the station with a small group of women posted at the "Welcome Refugees" stand, and anxious with anticipation. Her friend offered Ali, 28, and his two Iraqi traveling companions a place to stay for the weekend, until Berlin's LaGeSo refugee processing center opened Monday morning. 

The pathology of the European White, the end result of decades of constant and highly organized jewish attacks on our families, faith and culture. Women completely dead inside, turning over their bodies to the conquering barbarians as war prizes.

 Please fornicate with our women.

Before the exhausted men went off with the other woman, Lena, who is 30 and studying for a PhD in political science at Berlin's Free University, jotted her name and telephone number on a scrap of cardboard, inviting Ali to call anytime he needed help. 

I'm earning a worthless degree at the communist indoctrination center. Feel free to make me one of your temporary wives for five minutes.

hey texted more. They met more. One morning she brought a large bag of pastries to LaGeSo, and watched in amazement as the IT engineer from Baghdad gave most of them away to hungry refugees waiting outside the processing tents.

Get used to those hand-outs, you'll be getting them from the gelded and criminal government until Germany collapses and is placed on history's ash heap.

They knew it was love.

If you need me, I'll be filling this air sickness bag with today's breakfast.

As heads of state are preparing for a summit on March 17 to finalize a deal to check the largest flow of refugees into Europe since World War II, in Germany the next challenge will be integrating them. Last year 1.1 million refugees arrived here.

I'm sure we'll transform these cultural, genetic and racial aliens into good little Germans through the miracle of "love" and lots more groveling and ignoring of basic realities.

Integrating the moose-limb.

The majority of asylum applications in Germany the year before were from men.

Funny, the kosher media said it was "women and children." In today's world truth passes through two phases. One: That's "races!" You're a terrible hater! Shame! Shame! Two: Quietly admitting the "races" was right all along, after it's way too late to matter.

And most of those were, like Ali, under 30.

You might even call it "fighting age." Europe was sold a pack of lies, we'll now even admit it, but what are you going to do about it?

For integration to work, German politicians say they want to avoid creating a parallel society of Muslim immigrants living outside the mainstream of German population.

I'm sure you'll succeed at this, for the first time in human history.

The easiest way to turn refugees into Germans might be for them to fall in love with Germans and marry them. 

This is White genocide, pure and simple.

"I come from a privileged background,” says Lena. "I know that. My father is a surgeon, and my mother is a physician. We had a house in Miami. I lived for a while in New Zealand. I fully expected I would marry someone from a similar background. I never imagined I would fall in love with someone like Ali."

I never imagined I'd flush centuries of high quality genetics down the moe-ham-head toilet, but thanks to endless semitic attacks, an open border, dhimmitude and my massive treason to my own people it happened!

Finding "love" in Germanistan.


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