Muh Fried Chicken Causes Negro Violence

Stereotypes exist for a reason, they don't simply coalesce from amorphous "hate" birthed mainly by fear and ignorance. Instead, they're fairly reliable ways of organizing the world, addressing reality and generally not slipping into a fantasy land where even the most obviously alien outsider is actually just like you with a slightly different appearance. The negro is clearly not an over-baked White, a truth that's self-evident to anyone with even the most casual levels of contact with this failed race. Unless you get your information from the talmudvision the idea that this evolutionary dead-end is somehow compatible with a White nation, let alone our "equal" is laughable. Every day the negro earns its horrible reputation, constantly confirming the "races" "ignorance" with the content of its character.

Police are hunting for an elderly man after he repeatedly shooting a chicken shop worker after becoming annoyed at a second worker cleaning a table.

A far cry from the doctors, lawyers and highly desirable miscegenation partners presented on the electronic synagogue. The real life negro is more likely to make a murderous attack over fried chicken than contribute even the slightest value to our dead country.

The man, described as black and in his late 50s or early 60s, opened fire with 'a large handgun' inside a branch of Church's Chicken in Philadelphia at around 5.30pm on Sunday.

All right comrades, let's see how good a "progressive" you are! What lesson should we learn from this story?

A) The negro is a violent and dangerous animal that has no place in White nations.
B) We need a lot more gun control.
C) White "racism" is a huge problem and much more needs to be done.
D) Story? What story? I didn't hear anything, what are you even talking about you ignorant "races?"

Award yourself Righteous Among the Goyim for answering D, Good Cattle for B or C and if you answered A please report to the Miniluv for complete reeducation.

The altercation started when the man began arguing with another employee, 21, who was trying to clean a table close to him while he was eating his food, The Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

We can now add "keeping things clean" to the ever-expanding list of things that are "races" and need to stop.

Negro "O.G." busted over chicken.

Witness Keith Parker said: 'He was doing his job, but the guy kept saying: "Yo, you can't be doing this spraying, this spraying. I got to eat. I got to eat."'

The concept of jobs and working is a confusing one for the negro mind. After all, the handouts and programs that appear like magic courtesy of the White tax-paying chump aren't going anywhere. Besides, gots to get dat eat on. Dat chucken doe.

At some point during the argument the 19-year-old, who is the brother of the other employee, came over in an attempt to resolve the dispute.

Reasoning with this dangerous tar monster should be effective.

Police captain Nicholas Brown said at that point the man drew his weapon and opened fire.

Or not.

Officers believe the man is still armed and dangerous and are warning people not to approach him, saying to call 911 instead. 

This would be good advice with negroes in general. Avoid any interactions, you have nothing to gain by talking to a 70 I.Q. genetic alien. Also, you need to be armed.


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