Negro Tries to Buy Luxury Automobile With EBT

With are the minimum intellectual requirements for being a productive member of a civilized nation? The ability to connect current actions to future outcomes and see basic cause and effect relationships would certainly be on this list. A I.Q. north of 85 and an ability to delay gratification for future rewards would also be nice. Suffice it to say, the negro falls well short of these extremely modest standards. For the typical "African American" there is no past and no future, only the present moment devoted to feeding the belly and genitals. The tar monster believes that money falls from the sky, perhaps rightly taken from the evil White devil whose protective hand is the only thing holding back total chaos. We purchase the bad behavior, subsidize the predictable failures of an evolutionary dead end. It's free, after all, a "rep-a-muh-ration" to make up for the shrunken frontal lobes and, theoretically, muh slavery.

Nicholas Jackson went to an auto dealership where managers declined his business when he tried to buy the BMW with a credit card and his Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card, authorities said. 

A poorly formed shit-colored monster attempts to purchase a nice new "whip" with the largesse of hateful and "races" legacy Americans. Gibs me dat cuh an sheeet, I gots muh obonzo card.

On Thursday night, the Pompano Beach dealership was burglarized and the BMW was missing along with keys belonging to 60 other cars, according to the Martin County Sheriff’s Office.

When socially approved theft failed it was time for the more conventional version.

Authorities said 36-year-old Jackson did not have money to fill the tank of the stolen BMW and subsequently ran out of gas at an intersection. 

The mind of the American negro, the superior advanced planning of a genetic alien incompatible with civilization. Ain no gas in dis beetch. Sheeet.

When officers responded to a suspicious person call on Friday morning, they found Jackson, the BMW and the stolen keys, according to the sheriff's office.

The 90 I.Q. police clean up the mess. Make sure this animal can breathe.

 Arresting Homo erectus.

Jackson has since been charged with grand theft auto and is being held in jail on a $20,000 bond.

Now for the "races" justice system to unsuccessfully punish this massive and pathetic negro failure. We're not going to miracle these creatures into sub-par Whites. They need to be removed.

Swipe dat eee bee tee, mudda fugga.


  1. That sub-par IQ and lack of future time orientation will get them every time. What a rich story. I love reading these posts every day.


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