Patterns of Bigotry

The amount of "tolerance" Whites have shown for our enemies is absolutely staggering and unbelievable. We allowed the jew to quietly take over the media, government and school system, tools it now uses to openly encourage White genocide. We pretended the negro was fully human and could be somehow adapted to a modern civilization, despite the massive evidence to the contrary. We opened our borders and allowed in foreign sewage, looters and criminals eager to pick at the dead body of the U.S.S.A. Yes, we sure put up with a lot and this, naturally, means that we're "races" and "anti-semitic" and much more needs to be done to destroy the only race on this planet that cares about anything other than their own myopic self-interest. Hatred, scorn and destruction is what our concern for justice and fairness has purchased.  The apathy, groveling and outright treason needs to stop.

Councilman Mark Levine, who chairs the 14-member caucus, said he expects legislation to be submitted within a month, the New York Post reported Wednesday. The law would require CUNY officials to report all incidents of bias at its campuses to the council.

The jew pushes for soviet-style face crime laws to further punish the shkotzim. The light of the world, worshiping money, undermining healthy societies and making sure that if anyone notices it will be illegal. These are demons walking among us.

“We’re not convinced that the university is adequately tracking what is clearly a pattern of bigotry,” Levine told the Post.

Oy, the systematic bigotry of debt victims at the communist indoctrination center!!! Six million lost, grandma up a not-see chimney. Look at my sincere, bagel-flavored tears. Now give me your shekels and give up your rights, you unclean meat. Be sure to pay your kosher student loan usury debt, be sure to shut up and die.

On Monday, the Post reported that James Milliken, the chancellor of CUNY, a 24-campus public university in New York City, had appointed two attorneys to investigate claims of anti-Semitism.

Now "the cattle gave me an unfriendly glance, once" crime will be persecuted to the full extent of the law, as hush crime attacks against Whites by the brown burden we're forced to carry are ignored.

According to the Post, the school will also establish a task force to address campus bigotry.

The American stasi, the inquisition against Thought Crime from Holy Mother Synagogue. You will learn to love Big jew.

The news comes barely a week after the Zionist Organization of America sent Milliken a 14-page letter detailing several incidents of concern at four CUNY colleges.

Yes, the Zionist Organization of America. Jew criminals and scum, openly operating in a dead nation, muh democracy overruled because the traveling merchant isn't happy. Expressing even the mildest approval for collective White self-interest is, of course, "races" but it's fine when the shylock does it because all animals are equal, some much more so.

Among the incidents were reports of members of Students for Justice in Palestine yelling epithets at Jewish students, including “Jews out of CUNY” and “Jews are racist sons of bitches.”

They were pointing out reality! Punish them severely with kosher kangaroo courts.  

Klein alleged that campus activism by pro-Palestinian students infringed on university rules that prohibit obstructing free speech rights, verbal and physical abuse, and the endangerment of anyone’s physical or mental health.

Your free speech is obstructing free speech. Talmudic reasoning from the satanic enemy, the tiny wildly unrepresentative minority that has us surrounded on all sides.

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Trust me.


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