The French Jungle

While Germanistan's spectacular national self-immolation has drawn a lot of attention, El-France continues to quietly soldier on as the gold standard of non-Scandinavian European negation. Germany sits in a garage, the tube of "immigration" running from the tailpipe to the cracked window, a chest covered in jewish "peace" awards quivering as the lungs inhale kosher toxins, but France is already slumped across the wheel, unhearing ears ignoring the car horn of open jihad attacks. In the race to be interred in the cold earth, perhaps with a tiny memorial noting how "races" the corpse was, El-France is still the smart choice.

French authorities resumed clearing the infamous "Jungle" migrant camp in Calais Tuesday in the wake of violent clashes at the site, with the country's interior minister vowing "radical" pro-migrant activists would not block the operation.   

Welcome to the French jungle, we've got fun and games. We've got foreign jihadan invaders, we don't want to be called names. We are the "women and children" that can fill your "muh economy" needs. And if you got the jewish suicide desire we've got your disease. In the French jungle, welcome to the French jungle. Watch it bring White nations to their knees, knees. I want to watch Europeans bleed.

Four people, three of them pro-migrant activists, were arrested Monday and 11 police officers suffered minor injuries when police began dismantling structures in the "Jungle," the sprawling camp near the northwestern port of Calais, authorities said.

Arresting the enemy within. Gelded cuckold "activists" campaign for their own ruin. An entire nation with a death wish, unable to defend itself against even the most obvious threats.

"Women and children" fleeing "war."

Calais authorities plan to demolish the southern half of the camp and relocate the inhabitants in response to unsanitary conditions at the site, but met stiff resistance from some migrants and supporters from pro-migrant activist group No Borders Monday.

No borders, no sanity, no future, a pile of moe-ham-head filth as a monument to the coming collapse. The followers of Turd Eater leave behind a ruined mess, imagine that. We need a lot more of these invaders and fewer rights for the indigenous White population.

Later in the evening, protesters and migrants blocked the city's perimeter highway, throwing projectiles at trucks to slow them down, he said.

Vibrancy and cultural enrichment. We'll alchemize these biological weapons into good little European Economic Union citizens, just you wait and see.

The "Jungle" is a major transit point for thousands of migrants hoping to enter the UK illegally.

The criminal jewish occupied government is, of course, completely helpless. We could never keep out all these moon cultists and it would be wrong to do it.

"The activism of a few No Borders militants, radical and violent, cannot stop it: This operation will go on in the next days, with calm and discipline, and will offer each and every (migrant) a spot as the government promised," he said.

We're not going to let a few burning cars or raped White women prevent us from crawling into the cremation oven and giving the jew working the switch a big thumbs up.

Help Refugees, a charity which works in the camp, accused French authorities of breaking their promise that the clearance would be "gradual, humane and respectful of the dignity of the people living in the camp."

R.I.P. El-France.

Respecting the dignity of the "women and children."


  1. "Welcome to the French jungle, we've got fun and games."

    Jihad Blues by 80's Islamic Metal Band "Qu'rans and Explosives"

    I got the jihad blues
    jihad blues
    I said I don't know what I did
    But I know I gotta move
    I got the jihad blues
    jihad blues
    I can't wait here forever
    I got too much here to lose

    An now Europes blowin' smoke
    I think you're one big joke
    Me...I gotta lot of Qu,ran to learn
    An' I'm still waitin' for the kuffir to burn

    You say I break the tunnel line
    Fuck I'll break it every time
    I walked a 100 miles in my shoes
    across open borders then you tell me don't hurt the jews

    You get what you pay for
    An muh freedom's real high priced
    An while I'm raping your children
    Khalid's fuckin' murdering your wife
    It's never made a difference
    It's only how we survive


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