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Foreign Invaders Riot at Trump Rally

If you live in the U.S.S.A. and plan on voting for anyone but Donald Trump you deserve the horrible future that awaits, a future of endless attacks on a rapidly shrinking White minority, burning cities, foreign invasion, eroding rule of law, jobs disappearing, heartless globalism, profiteering, the loss of all national pride and vision and finally being placed on history's ash-heap. We have a chance to elect a man that uses the phrase "America First," a man that will put a wall on our open border, a man that will bring nationalist sanity and spiritual health to the White House for the first time in decades. The U.S.S.A. is dead, but we have a chance to bring the U.S.A. back and turn back the kosher tide.

If you're still not convinced, please take note that every variety of scumbag, opportunist, cuckold, mental defective, criminal and nation-wrecker has crawled out of the woodwork to oppose the glorious new regime, gibbering about "true conservatism," waving…

Not Just Numbers

We need a lot more foreign invasion from impoverished nations with no tradition of democracy or even basic civility. "More Somalis for Montana!" is one of the least controversial statements an elected criminal can make and we all know we benefit greatly from an open southern border and the la-teen-oh invasion. Real genuine burritos and loud fiestas at all hours represent the best they have to offer, while the occasional rape, murder or moy macho drunk driving can be safely memory holed because there's sports on the talmudvision and kosher pornography on the computer. We all know that "diversity" is a strength and unskilled and unwashed alien elements are the key to success in an increasingly technology-driven muh economy. If it means preventable crimes committed by worthless animals that shouldn't be in our country, so be it.

Homeland Security has made some gains in detaining criminal aliens but still released into the community nearly 20,000 immigrants last…

The Students Involved Were Black

All Whites are evil and full of poorly focused "hate," according to the jewish wire-puller who wants us eliminated. We wrap ourselves in sheets, engage in Third Reich cosplay, yell racial slurs at randomly selected inferiors, kidnap sodomites, attack transracialactivists and generally wage an invisible, highly passive-aggressive war against the human sewage we're forced to live with. Meanwhile, back in reality, Whites are unbelievably "tolerant" of the alien races, often displaying suicidal generosity. When the highly dubious "hate crime" incidents collapse, as is inevitably the case, the kosher cameras have already left, the anti-White hay already made. "Look at this incorrectly made swastika," shrieks the wandering merchant, tucking paint-soaked hands into his carpet bag. This is clear proof that White genocide is justified, our enemy insists, even as he tries to surreptitiously dispose of the spray paint can with the little "U" …

Encounters in Diversity: Chinese Cops

Whites are the only race on the planet concerned with justice, the rights of others, compassion toward the downtrodden and ideals higher than myopic self-interest. We have been endlessly patient and generous toward worthless and violent monsters who reward this national suicide with cities on fire, rape mobs, welfare dependency, bastard broods, pack attacks, no-go zones and constant shrieks for more. When Whites are gone this cycle of pathology and largesse will promptly end. The Chinese ant people are not concerned with social justice or pouring money and blood into failed branches of humanity. In Africa they strip the mineral wealth and leave. In San Francisco they real talk and get fired.

This is the amazing and vibrant world of "diversity" that will exist if White genocide succeeds: a teaming mass of idiotic brown slaves and their alien masters ruthlessly exploiting them until that shaky arrangement collapses into an endless all against all. The dreams of humanity die, p…

More Sodomites, Dykes, Cross-Dressers and Non-Whites Required for British Talmudvision

There is nothing the jew hates more than White beauty and White nobility. They call themselves the "chosen people" and insist they're g*d's best friend and perfect creation, but the fact remains that they're ugly vile rat people loaded with congenital defects and demonic minds. The obvious solution is to attack healthy Whites, to remove them, to replace them with 65 I.Q. evolutionary dead-ends that are clearly the inferior of every other human being on this planet. In this effort the sodomite agenda is also useful, preventing White childbirth and introducing disease and demons to the hated shkotzim. No effort is even made to hide these kosher attacks, as the United Kaliphate proudly rolls out its new quotas for physically and mentally defective human waste on the electronic synagogue.

One in six of all on-screen BBC roles must go to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender or disabled people by 2020, the corporation's new diversity targets state.

On tonight'…

The Lighter Side of Negro Pathology: Age 30 Rapefugee Plays High School Africa Ball in Canada

We lost our freedoms the day the jew taught the negro it could extort concessions from endlessly generous Whites. Since then it's been one ridiculous attempt to deny reality after another. Clearly the latest "money fo' dem pograms" will be the magic bullet that fixes the genetic alien. Obviously our eyes are lying to us when we observe this helpless and evil failed race when left to its own devices. It goes without saying that more needs to be done. And here we are, after over fifty years of pathetic negro appeasement and the tar monster hasn't made any discernible improvement. But those evolutionary dead-ends sure can jump at a loop in African Tree Hockey! This valuable skill more than justifies all the wasted money and shed blood and it's certainly a compelling reason to invite African sewage into our dead nations and let these dangerous animals pretend to be high school age.

It’s hard not to notice Jonathan Nicola on a basketball court. At 6-foot-10 with si…

Dewey Decimal System of Death

I'm not going to talk about the new doubleplus good jewish currency. I already discussed it in detail about a a year ago and everything I said then is still true. Let's replace the father of the modern presidency who successfully battled both the jewish money thugs and indian terrorism with an ugly negress whose contribution to American history was highly limited and entirely negative. Control the past, control the future. Memory hole the enemies of the jew nation-wrecker and their financial con games. It's called Mt. Denali and it was always called that. But again, I said I wasn't going to talk about this any more so here's the latest holohoax news from Florida where another ugly memorial to kosher deceit will be built using the shekels of the goyim.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott signed a bill to create a Holocaust memorial in the state’s capital, Tallahassee. 

Just conservative things. Good thing you voted for the Republican establishment shkotizim, they are truly battl…

Sodomite Hate Crime Hoax Collapses

There is nothing more heroic than inserting objects into an orifice designed for the evacuation of waste matter and causing permanent damage to the tissues within. The sodomite mental defective who must now wear diapers because his rectum has been ravaged beyond repair in the pursuit of perversion is the noblest and bravest of Americans, with the possible exception of the good citizens who mutilate their genitals and, of course, the Light of the World. Buggery is our national sacrament, an act of faith for our State Religion. Every bowel movement that falls out of a prolapsed and bleeding anus is a victory for our sacred freedoms and proof that love wins. Incontinence and AIDS, shit-eating and holes in bathroom stalls, just like a normal non-crazy person, I honestly can't tell the difference.

Incredibly, in current year there are still hate-filled and ignorant bigots who would voice superstitious and baseless objections to the beautiful and loving alternate lifestyle of anal destr…

Literally a Threat

There has never been an era in American history better suited to the practical joker, the prankster, the laughing man who might not be as lighthearted as the initial impression suggested. All you need to stir up massive side-splitting outrage from the ruling orthodoxy is a handful of chalk, a communist indoctrination center or "college" as it was once called and a nice flat surface to cover with the newest and best outsider art. A simple "Trump" can get the waterworks going, reducing the patrons of the Star Wars cantina to wailing, quivering learned helplessness, begging for intervention from the law they love to condemn and making pathetic, ineffectual threats that don't make it past the keyboard. Saddled with debt, head full of jew communist nonsense, having emotional breakdowns over references to a New York businessman...that's no way to go through life, son.

The College Republicans (CR) at Ohio University (OU) wrote a message on their school’s “Graffiti …

Communist Lunatic to Fix Muh Educational System

Any system that rewards excellence and punishes failure is inherently "races" and "White supremacist." These few enduring meritocracies are an unpleasant reminder that the doctrines of equality from our State Religion are nothing but mythology, a lie from a position of authority. This reality hurts our feelings, so it becomes necessary to twist into knots explaining how it's actually the "corrosive" effects of White bodies (Ah? Ah?) causing the predictable failure from the negro and la-teen-oh. From there it naturally follows that Whites must be destroyed since this will finally allow every remaining dark animal to be roughly equally worthless in a hellish all against all.

The jew believes it will somehow survive and even profit from extinguishing the light of civilization. Why not, they've made shekels by the carpet-bag full from over a century of endless attacks on normal and healthy Whites. And there's still major geld to be made with a rid…

It's Going Down

Please watch the following amazing video. Be sure to make copies and spread it far and wide before the jew memory holes it.

Without any preliminaries we're thrust right into the content of their character: free housing courtesy of the White tax-paying sucker, strident animal noises, and criminality. This is the real negro observed in its natural state, the one that ignorant White liberals have either never encountered or are in deep denial about. This candid look at the "African American" experience is a little different than the one provided by the talmudvision, to say the least. What we're observing here is a failed branch of humanity inhabiting a gray area between beast and man, part child and part devil.

A watermark informs us this video was originally created by something called "Civilians AGAINST Cop." The American negro is certainly compatible with a sophisticated and peaceful White society where the law reigns supreme, that's for sure.

The negro …

Little-Known Symptoms

Editor's note: After feedback received from this letter, the Iowa State Daily would like to make clear this submission is a letter to the editor. The opinions expressed in this letter are not endorsed by the Iowa State Daily or Iowa State University.

Yes, you're about to be exposed to anti-reason so asinine that even the communist indoctrination center is hesitant to slap their name on it. Trigger warning: pathetic cuckoldry from a soft bloated White mental defective who will be killed and eaten by dark monsters after the U.S.S.A. collapses.

It is becoming increasingly clear that there is a sickness spreading at Iowa State.

Whites willing to vote for Lyin' Ted Cruz?

So the next time you use your mandatory health insurance and head to the doctor, tell him or her if you are experiencing these little-known symptoms

Still angry that Kevin shot his sports figures while home alone.
You can get your hair cut wherever you want.
Yup, anywhere. Time to stroll down to the "inner c…