Africa Ball Hero Shot in Chocolate City

Watch lots of sports, White man! Worship the alien, the genetic outsider that has no place in a civilized nation. Wear a piece of Chinese fabric with a living fossil's name on it. Drink your beer, eat your fried food, collapse into decrepitude. Soak up the only non-fictional depiction of negro competence and achievement and try to ignore how even this warped jewish presentation is routinely ruined by the predictable failure of worthless animals who have been a constant burden on the vanishing White productive class. A negro hero gets blasted in the New Orleans all against all, please ignore this and keep sucking down the booze with the weird little "K" on the bottle.

Will Smith, the former Saints defensive end, was killed and his wife was wounded in a late-night shooting in New Orleans on Saturday (April 9), authorities said.

Endless White worship fails to shield a poorly formed living fossil from the content of the character. Late night in the chocolate city, the endless dark night when civilization dies and no Whites are there to come in and clean up the mess. We dyin' hee-ah.

Police said Smith, 34, and his wife, Racquel, were traveling eastbound on Sophie Wright Place when their Mercedes Benz SUV was rear-ended by a Hummer H2. The collision caused the Smith's vehicle to hit a Chevrolet Impala traveling along the same street.

Driving while black. A 70 I.Q. mind lacks the spatial reasoning to allow room to brake and slams into another dark monster. Homo erectus tries and fails to control a White invention that its savage and moronic mind can't even comprehend, let alone replicate. Twisted steel and broken glass, now it's time for the tribal warfare, the all against all that will reign if our enemies succeed in their plans for White genocide.

Smith and the driver of the Hummer "exchanged words, at which time the driver of the Hummer produced a handgun and shot the male victim (Smith) multiple times and his 34-year-old wife twice in the right leg," said NOPD spokesman Juan Barnes. 

La-teen-oh invader reports on the negro pathology, the exciting and vibrant wonders of "diversity." "Eyyyy, dis neee-gahhh eees seeettinnn in da cahhh, I theeeeennnnk. Dis beee baad foo datt man-keyyy."

This noble savage used to run around and make other negroes hurry.

A witness at the scene, Janis Baehr, a tourist in town for the French Quarter Festival, said she was walking near the intersection and heard the crash and then six to eight gunshots. "It was a crash, boom, band," she said. She then saw a woman down on the pavement and went to her aid, giving her ice chips.

The African vacation takes a predictable turn. Sucking chest wound? Here have some ice chips. You're fine.

A man, who would only give his first name as Michael, said he was on the street and heard the crash, followed by gunshots. He said he took cover in nearby bushes with his dogs.

Simian monster dives into bushes just like it was the end zone for the big "tug." Look at that boy run.

Smith was slumped over the steering wheel of his vehicle, which appeared to have a gunshot hole in the windshield.

Sitting in a car, the most dangerous activity an "African American" can engage in. 

Go negroes! Commit senseless and brutal crimes!


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