Again and Again and Again

As one of my readers noted, the communist indoctrination center or "college" has transformed itself into a prankster's paradise. You don't even need to make a lot of effort to send the debt victims to their fainting couches and crayons and milk box "safe spaces." Your panty-raiding toga party can now put the whole campus on lock down as the witch scare is investigated. A handful of chalk can reduce the communist Young Invincibles to quivering jelly, unable to comprehend how such a thing could happen in our current year. You could just write "Trump" on a sidewalk and your job is done. I'd also like to point out that the actual classrooms have dry-erase boards, that there's plenty of walls to hang posters or affix stickers...I don't think I need to draw you a picture. The communist indoctrination center is truly the gift that keeps on giving for the Thought Criminal.

Phrases such as “Make DePaul great again,” “Blue Lives Matter”and “Trump Train 2016” were chalked on DePaul’s Lincoln Park campus late last night before being removed by the campus grounds crew sometime before mid-morning Tuesday. 

The Trump Train rolls into Chicago, undeterred by the Soros funded chimp-outs that preceded our Lord President's glorious primary victory. Now a sneering punk who probably doesn't even now the definition of "intersectionality" or "la-teen-oh [x]" and as such is an uneducated brute deals hammer blows to the debt slaves. Our future leaders need to be burped and changed after this blasphemous attack on the State Religion and its faith articles of White genocide and eroding rule of law.

The chalkings – which mimicked Republican candidate Donald Trump’s rhetoric, and praised conservative values and candidate Ted Cruz – caused outrage among some students on both sides of the issue. Some took to social media to voice their concerns.

LOL. Even Lyin' Ted is apparently capable of "triggering" the spineless cowards our jew-controlled university system is producing.

“It’s sad that even at a school as diverse and accepting as DePaul, I still feel attacked,” wrote one student in a DePaul Facebook group.

Triggering intensifies. I was exposed to an opinion I don't agree with! I need a nice long session with the finger-paints and extensive jewish counseling. These gutless worms represent the future if our enemy gets its way.

But I’m staying and am gonna thrive here anyway and maybe this organization will be held responsible for their actions.”

I'll run up lots of kosher fiat currency obligations and hopefully the heretics will be caught and burned at the stake.

The chalkings were organized by DePaul College Republicans, which posted photos on their Facebook page at 12:48 a.m. Tuesday morning. 

It's a terrorist group, just like the moderate muslims we funded ISIL!!!!

In an email, Been wrote that College Republicans held the chalking “as a new way to promote Republican candidates and conservative ideas just as we would on our promotional tables and posters.”

Well, theoretically, but let's not ignore the potential for hilarity. If a day passes without making a communist wail, you've wasted 24 hours. Have you "triggered" a marxist today?


The movement, known widely as #TheChalkening, has occurred at several universities across the country – including the University of Illinois, Emory University, Kansas University and the University of Michigan – sparking outcries from students both about freedom of speech and racism.

The communist indoctrination centers are exposed as the worthless jew mind-washing and profit-makers they have become. A light wind blows down the house of cards.

“I’m disgusted but not surprised, because these thing happen all the time on campus,” junior Michael Lynch said. Lynch, who also met with fraternity leaders after one of their members wrote racially-loaded statements in a DePaul Facebook group,  is involved with Black Student Union, Men of Vision and Empowerment (MOVE) and is a student executive board member of the Steans Center.

Dis bee gusting an sheeet. Nao to gaw to dat nigga onion oh dat durrr comm-nist mauve fugga an' ook bout killin' dah wite debil.

“What happens is that students don’t get reprimanded or disciplined for them, so it happens again, and we have to respond again,” he said. “It happens again and again and again, because no one is looking at the problem as a whole.” 

It happens again and again. Don't get any ideas, wink, wink.

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Ayo...holl sayin' we wuz Ionic Columns???


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