Dewey Decimal System of Death

I'm not going to talk about the new doubleplus good jewish currency. I already discussed it in detail about a a year ago and everything I said then is still true. Let's replace the father of the modern presidency who successfully battled both the jewish money thugs and indian terrorism with an ugly negress whose contribution to American history was highly limited and entirely negative. Control the past, control the future. Memory hole the enemies of the jew nation-wrecker and their financial con games. It's called Mt. Denali and it was always called that. But again, I said I wasn't going to talk about this any more so here's the latest holohoax news from Florida where another ugly memorial to kosher deceit will be built using the shekels of the goyim.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott signed a bill to create a Holocaust memorial in the state’s capital, Tallahassee. 

Just conservative things. Good thing you voted for the Republican establishment shkotizim, they are truly battling for your best interests. Would you be surprised to learn this Loser Party careerist is a member of a "non-denominational" cucktian church, participated in "venture capital" miracle cure swindles and is a mighty champion of the "free market?"

Scott, a Republican, officially signed the memorial legislation on April 6. It takes effect on July 1.

Between sucking jew ass and investing millions in homeopathic medicine con jobs it's understandable if this piece of shit doesn't have the time to remember working Whites exist and are being targeted for destruction. Still, this is a real conservative, pushing both literal and figurative snake oil on the dumb gentiles.

 "The Hills Have Eyes" mutant becomes a respectable cuckservative.

The bill passed both the Florida state House and Senate in recent weeks.

Attacking normal White America with kosher tall tales, the one issue all our elected criminals can agree on.

It will be the sixth Holocaust memorial to be erected in the state. 

It makes sense because Florida was part of nawrtzee Reich and there were numerous "death camps" in the Sunshine State during the Big War.

Rep. Jared Moskowitz, a Coral Springs Democrat who co-sponsored the bill, said during the House debate: “There are people with numbers on their arms like some sick Dewey Decimal System of death. If you have never met someone with a number tattooed on their arm, I implore you to meet with that person because those people will no longer exist.”

(((Moskowitz))) Oy, the Dewey Decimals of death! Let's waste time putting tattoos on people we plan on killing right away, it's just logical! Be sure to meet with all the holohoax survivors, there's only an endless supply remaining!

The bill was co-sponsored by State Sen. Eleanor Sobel, a Democrat who is running for mayor in Hollywood. 

Trust me.


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