Don't Sink Muh Cah

The negro is unable to navigate a world created by and for White people and this difficulty has everything to do with inferior mental faculties and nothing to do with "racism." The Crab Grass-American especially struggles with White inventions, from "races" computers to the automobile, a device the genetic alien sometimes uses as a weapon against its fellow living fossils or as a place to "chill" in and wait to be shot. Sometimes the Driving While Black even leads to the limiting of promising negresses getting ready to perform that slow life U-turn but prevented from doing so by taking a literal U-turn into a pool of water, one of the most deadly enemies of the tar monster.

Three teenage girls were found dead inside a stolen vehicle that crashed into a retention pond in Pinellas County Thursday morning.

Those crazy "teens" and their wacky and harmless pranks. Stealing vehicles, driving into retention were young once, right?

The vehicle was seen driving recklessly early Thursday morning and deputies say it ran a red light.  But a traffic stop could not be conducted due to the vehicle's speed, investigators said.

Eroding rule of law. Trying to stop the "African-American" chaos is "races" so there was no choice but to stand by helplessly while "ratchets" engaged in Driving While Black. Fortunately in this rare instance this pathetic and cowardly dereliction of duty had a happy ending.

"What we believe is that the driver thought that they could get to the interstate and then get away. But they accelerated and went into the pond."

I think we might have an answer for why there are no negro super athletes in NASCAR. Despite police apathy in a dead nation the nightmare animals managed to correct their own pathology. Bloated whale shit floating in the water, nigga bodies (Ah! Ah!), the end of the road for pathological hominids that have no place in a White country.

Coal creatures took a dip.

The car was pulled from the water, which was about 15 feet deep, and that's when investigators found the people inside.  None were wearing seat belts, and all were dead.

This is a massive and heartbreaking tragedy. That poor car will almost certainly be totaled out and the owner is unlikely to receive its fair value from the insurance company. It's really sad.

This afternoon, they were identified by police as: Dominique Battle, 16; Ashaunti Butler, 15; and Laniya Miller, 15. 

Think of the lost potential, the crimes that will never be committed, the welfare that won't be received, the bastard broods that won't be born, the attempts to "bee dat beech" over a posterior size disagreement that will now never occur. 

"All three of these girls have criminal histories for grand theft auto," Gualtieri added, calling the incident "frustrating."   

We pretended these animals were our equals. We were delusional.

 "Three young lives have been needlessly lost," he added.

Now who's going to break into my car? Don't worry, this is the U.S.S.A., there's plenty of identical looking and behaving replacements.

The tragic loss of a perfectly good car.


  1. What a terrible shame. That car looks like a four door, yet there were only three occupants. Meaning there was at least room for one more, possibly two. Well we can be relieved that the three sows won't be putting more chilluns on the earth for white people to feed, house, clothe and excuse.

  2. Usually don't think this way about kids losing their lives...but in light of what they were, and had all ready did, good riddance to bad garbage



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