Foreign Invaders Riot at Trump Rally

If you live in the U.S.S.A. and plan on voting for anyone but Donald Trump you deserve the horrible future that awaits, a future of endless attacks on a rapidly shrinking White minority, burning cities, foreign invasion, eroding rule of law, jobs disappearing, heartless globalism, profiteering, the loss of all national pride and vision and finally being placed on history's ash-heap. We have a chance to elect a man that uses the phrase "America First," a man that will put a wall on our open border, a man that will bring nationalist sanity and spiritual health to the White House for the first time in decades. The U.S.S.A. is dead, but we have a chance to bring the U.S.A. back and turn back the kosher tide.

If you're still not convinced, please take note that every variety of scumbag, opportunist, cuckold, mental defective, criminal and nation-wrecker has crawled out of the woodwork to oppose the glorious new regime, gibbering about "true conservatism," waving the flags of our foreign enemies, attacking with words and fists.These are the shock troops of a dying system, the mortal enemies of a restored White nation.

Scores of protesters took to the streets Thursday night outside a Donald Trump campaign event here, drawing out police officers in riot and tactical gear and on horseback who sought to disperse the crowd.

Trump rally draws 20,000, a few dozen welfare colonists, negro criminals and White college victims get the bulk of the dinosaur media's attention. Not that I'm complaining, the more normal White America is forced to look at the ugly face of the enemy, the better. See that overweight may-hee-can welfare recipient waving the messy-can flag and swearing at police in its animal language? Vote for Lyin' Ted, that's what you'll get.

At least one police car was damaged and several scuffles broke out amid the hectic scene.

More proof that the la-teen-oh alien is a natural conservative and will eagerly support real conservative values like attacking police and more special rights for sodomites.

Protesters blocked a main intersection, impeding traffic, and officers with the Orange County Sheriff's Department and Costa Mesa Police Department worked to disperse the crowd, ordering protesters out of the streets.

 With Cruz, you lose.

About 20 people were arrested, the Orange County Sheriff's Department tweeted late Thursday night after the protests had cleared. 

Arresting the rot, trying to patch up the burst sewer pipe and pretend everything is still fine. Vote for Conservatives United for Cruz and Kasich (CUCK), it will solve everything. 

Several scuffles broke out between Trump supporters who were leaving the rally and people in the streets who accused them of being racists. One Trump supporter was visibly bloodied after being punched in the face. 

An open and free society full of rich "diversity," a healthy democracy where we peacefully discuss our differences. It was always a lie. 

Several people damaged a police car, smashing its back window before jumping on it and kicking its doors. 

Yeah, about might want to change the channel to the Negro Felon League slave auction before you start getting any weird ideas, shkotzim.

While some demonstrators shouted insults and slurs at police officers, others focused on delivering a message of protest against the Republican front-runner's rhetoric.

If you're going to write for the dinosaur media you need to learn to ignore irony.

Some were seen carrying Mexican flags as they marched in the street. Other demonstrators shouted insults and slurs at police officers.

As a Trump supporter I hope there's a "protest" like this every single day from now to November. Take a good long look at it, establishment supporters. Foreign invaders with their battle flag, here to loot and destroy the rotting remains of our dead nation. Walking bowel movements shat across an open border, the foul reeking reward for doing "The Right Thing" tm. K. 

Respectable natural conservatives.

Rojelio Banuelos, a 26-year-old student, carried a sign that read, "Liberation not deportation."

Clearly the myopic self-interests of foreign-born marxist slime is the best basis for our national policies.

"I'm against Trump's nativist and nationalistic agenda, which divides people and is very hateful of the other," he said. 

I'm sorry, but you have to go.

While Banuelos simply marched through the streets, he called the property damage and anger some demonstrators expressed Friday night "the symptom of hate speech" and said he did not believe any individuals were taking advantage of the protest.

La-teen-oh and negro pathology can now be blamed on "hate speech." Had enough, yet?

Katie Brazer, a 26-year-old community organizer who marched alongside Banuelos, agreed.
"I think people are tired of these messages of hate," she said. 

LOL, The dyke version of Barry Soetoro dribbles profound wisdom. So tired of the hate, the decades of anti-White attacks during the disastrous jewish century, the endless pathetic appeasement in money and blood toward dangerous racial inferiors that hate us. Yes, we're sick of it, which is why you're being deported.


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