It's Going Down

Please watch the following amazing video. Be sure to make copies and spread it far and wide before the jew memory holes it.

Without any preliminaries we're thrust right into the content of their character: free housing courtesy of the White tax-paying sucker, strident animal noises, and criminality. This is the real negro observed in its natural state, the one that ignorant White liberals have either never encountered or are in deep denial about. This candid look at the "African American" experience is a little different than the one provided by the talmudvision, to say the least. What we're observing here is a failed branch of humanity inhabiting a gray area between beast and man, part child and part devil.

A watermark informs us this video was originally created by something called "Civilians AGAINST Cop." The American negro is certainly compatible with a sophisticated and peaceful White society where the law reigns supreme, that's for sure.

The negro is being fixed by the endless appeasement, can't you see it?

The cop in question is using a MMA mount to control a nightmare monster, pinning the nigga body (Ah! Ah!) to the ground. Unfortunately he apparently has no back-up and the crowd of simian genetic aliens quickly closes in, eventually reversing the position. The officer is able to get to a vertical base, somehow overcoming both the elite athleticism of the daylight morlock he's grappling and the interference of the crowd of hostile enemies of our blood and heritage. The expected Jesse Owens act occurs, the thin blue line pursues and a full-blown African bongo party begins. If you can watch this and not be sickened and angered there's something wrong with you and you need to wake up.

"Man, I got this shit on camera." Yes, you do Homo erectus and I'm glad you do. Every White person needs to see this video. We're not equal. We can't live with these worthless monsters. Their removal is the only solution.

Thanks for all the welfare and groveling negro appeasement.

At least the comments let us end on a more hopeful note. Whites are waking up:

This is the type of world that Black Lives Matter protesters want you to live in. Fuck em.

Can anyone guess why jim crow was in effect way back when? Can anyone say they are just like us?

Going into Homo erectus dens can be dangerous for humans.

Glad to see so many people had the day off....oh wait

The actual harmful effect of slavery was bringing black people to the western world.  

And, we are supposed to believe they are just like us? Still think integration was a great idea?

Black Lives Matter! These is good boys they din du nuffin.

Where's national geographic?

Filthy cockroach Jewish pets.


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