Little-Known Symptoms

Editor's note: After feedback received from this letter, the Iowa State Daily would like to make clear this submission is a letter to the editor. The opinions expressed in this letter are not endorsed by the Iowa State Daily or Iowa State University.

Yes, you're about to be exposed to anti-reason so asinine that even the communist indoctrination center is hesitant to slap their name on it. Trigger warning: pathetic cuckoldry from a soft bloated White mental defective who will be killed and eaten by dark monsters after the U.S.S.A. collapses.

It is becoming increasingly clear that there is a sickness spreading at Iowa State.

Whites willing to vote for Lyin' Ted Cruz?

So the next time you use your mandatory health insurance and head to the doctor, tell him or her if you are experiencing these little-known symptoms

Still angry that Kevin shot his sports figures while home alone.

You can get your hair cut wherever you want.

Yup, anywhere. Time to stroll down to the "inner city" barbershop and see if Ice Cube will give me a Princeton or an Audie Murphy.

You can walk into the supermarket and find your favorite foods.

Next week we'll discuss the fried chicken, watermelon and purple drank famine.

You can see yourself positively portrayed in the media.

You can speak your native tongue without getting looks or comments from other people.

For English press one now...

If you have symptoms like those described above, you may want to be checked for white privilege. 

Oy, you've got the White person disease, gentile. To treat yourself please spend lots of time in front of the talmudvision, don't have any children, worship the alien enemy replacing you and die.

White privilege is like a virus. Carriers are often unaware of their infection for decades while spreading their disease to everyone they come in contact with.

Kosher con game.

White privilege also spreads in ways we wouldn’t expect, namely, through the media.

Yes, that outrageously pro-White media. This weak flabby sack of millennial shit actually believes this.

There have been two letters to the editor within the past month complaining about their whiteness being compromised, whether that be through scholarship opportunities for minorities, or through being “forced” to be “politically correct” (also known as being conscientious and respectful by most sensible people).

Crime think! Just shut and go along with your own destruction, it's the right thing to do. "Fewer Whites in Everything" programs are good, trust me. And you're not being forced to do anything, shkotzim. We'll just destroy your life if you question that State Religion of cultural marxism, that's all.

White people have spent decades building wealth while many of our ancestors were blocked from buying property, owning homes and building businesses.

While we were taming the wilderness, building civilization and making scientific breakthroughs the negro was living in the same content of their character stone age hell they've inhabited for thousands of years. This is our fault.

As a result, white families have double the wealth on average than families of color, meaning we often have less financial support from our families.

Must be "racism" causing this, just like witchcraft ruined my harvest. We all know there's no differences in intelligence, future time orientation or frontal lobe size, so it must, logically, be evil magic.

White privilege caused this.

Moreover, recipients of non-race-based scholarships are overwhelmingly white due to selection biases and numbers

The idea of eliminating race-based scholarships ignores the historical context of legalized discrimination and proves that people who believe this school of thought have fallen into the myth of meritocracy.

Yes, the myth of meritocracy. I'd have to agree, in light of the jewish influence, affirmative action programs, fewer Whites in everything "diversity" initiatives, groveling negro appeasement, la-teen-oh invasion, planned genocide of Whites, etc.

While we can all appreciate the First Amendment, it is reckless and dangerous to allow such hateful and blatantly wrong rhetoric to continue to circulate.

But don’t be scared. While there is currently no way to cure white privilege, there are definitely ways to deal with the symptoms. Educate yourself. Don’t expect your minoritized friends to explain your privilege to you. Innoculate. Educate others. Be an ally. And rest assured that we are working hard to eradicate the disease here on campus.


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