Mexican Invader Kills White Woman, Gets Released

Yesterday Middle Americans proved beyond any doubt that they are content to keep slouching toward the grave, to keep ignoring the obvious signs that we have no future on our current path. Ordinary Whites voted for a jewish communist and a deceitful foreign element instead of nationalism and sanity. Ostensibly sane and healthy people decided their own destruction was the best policy. It was a day of cuckservatism and cultural marxism, a day of denial and delusion in America's heavily segregated Dairy Land. We can keep running from the rot, after all. It's not like it's going to come to you, not like your elected criminals are promoting "More Sub-Saharans for Idaho!" programs. Head in the sand, lambs to the slaughter. Wake up or be destroyed, these are the options.

Meanwhile an illegal may-hee-can invader ran down a woman like a dog and was released by an incompetent and malicious system. Oh well, at least we still have our talmudvision, our kosher beer, our poisonous food and water, our carefully crafted state of euphoria and illusion. The jewish goal of White genocide advances again, but I'm sure it will never reach our kosher bubble, it's so far off.

An illegal immigrant -- who police said was drunk while street racing when he killed a Nebraska woman in a car crash -- wasn’t detained by immigration officials because his offense did “not constitute a crime of violence,” the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency said in a March letter to Congress. 

The rule of law collapses, a la-teen-oh [x] who broke about ten different laws and then killed a White woman isn't violent and certainly shouldn't be punished or g*d forbid removed from our dead nation. Natural conservatives, here for a better life, hard-working and full of family values. The Fast and the Furious Part 27: Operation Open Border. Another dead Legacy American for the memory hole, another crime to forget or classify the soulless animal involved as "White."

Edwin Mejia, 19, is accused of being drunk and driving recklessly when his vehicle slammed into 21-year-old Sarah Root’s car in January.

A worthless alien leaves death and destruction behind, the rich and flavorful salad dish of the U.S.S.A. It sure is worth it to have those authentic burritos that represent the pinnacle of fine dining.

Root died at the hospital. Mejia later posted bond and fled. He’s been added to ICE’s “Most Wanted” list.

No arrests were made, a criminal scumbag falls through the gaping chasms of our "immigration" system. Maybe "let them all in and allow our country to die as a meaningful corporate entity" wasn't the best policy. Still, think of the cheap lettuce, the heroin in small town America, the welfare drain, the loss of our national pride and vision...we need all of this badly, ask any politician.

The exciting new rising star in the GOP?

“Mr. Mejia should not need to be on this list – he should be in jail,” Sen. Ben Sasse, R-Neb., said in a March 30 statement.

Yeah. No shit.

“ICE originally said that Mr. Mejia was not an ‘enforcement priority,’ but this morning he was placed on their Most Wanted list. The public still does not have a complete account of what went wrong.”

It might take awhile to put together that "complete account." We'd have to start by addressing why we allowed Frankfurt School jews to infiltrate our government, media and education.

Full Story.

What could possibly go wrong?


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