More Sodomites, Dykes, Cross-Dressers and Non-Whites Required for British Talmudvision

There is nothing the jew hates more than White beauty and White nobility. They call themselves the "chosen people" and insist they're g*d's best friend and perfect creation, but the fact remains that they're ugly vile rat people loaded with congenital defects and demonic minds. The obvious solution is to attack healthy Whites, to remove them, to replace them with 65 I.Q. evolutionary dead-ends that are clearly the inferior of every other human being on this planet. In this effort the sodomite agenda is also useful, preventing White childbirth and introducing disease and demons to the hated shkotzim. No effort is even made to hide these kosher attacks, as the United Kaliphate proudly rolls out its new quotas for physically and mentally defective human waste on the electronic synagogue.

One in six of all on-screen BBC roles must go to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender or disabled people by 2020, the corporation's new diversity targets state.

On tonight's "Downton Abbey" the arrival of an ac/dc African tribesman with cerebral palsy and an interest in "down low" activity shakes things up. Meanwhile one of the White males begins dressing up as a woman and looking into mirrors while tucking his penis and saying things like "Would you fornicate with me?" 

In a bid to deter criticism that it has been failing to reflect its audience, the BBC has pledged that LGBT and disabled people will each make up eight per cent of all on-air and on-screen roles.

Well, it is the United Kaliphate so it's reasonable that this pile of jewish vomit does accurately reflect the shrinking number of Whites that are rapidly being destroyed by demographics, spiritual leprosy and direct violence.

The new targets follow a heated debate in the House of Commons led by David Lammy MP on the issue of the broadcaster's diversity.

Instead of stopping the boats let's waste time on this destructive jewish con game.

The BBC's target for 15 per cent of on-screen and on-air representation, including lead roles, to be people from BAME backgrounds will not be increased by 2020, as the current percentage reflects the UK's population.

And it's unlikely that the non-White population explosion combined with Whites not having children due to careerism and the perversion that continues to be openly promoted will alter these percentages in the near future. No, everything is fine. Have a "pint" you dumb gentile and watch your coal-black Premier League team. Cheer long and loud for "your" African negroes. Ignore your son engaging in buggery and your daughter cranking out a litter of mulattoes. Look at that boy run, look at the "pace" on Homo erectus. Later you can watch a dyke in a wheelchair solve mysteries.

A statement from a BBC spokesperson said: 'We are making good progress in our work to make the BBC a truly diverse organisation, but there's more to do and we're always keen to improve. 

As always much more needs to be done. The goal of eliminating Whites takes time, please be patient. More freaks with damaged rectums, that's an improvement.

'We'll continue doing what works but also develop new and innovative ideas to do even better, and we'll set this out in our new diversity strategy shortly.'  

"I can't believe I'm paid big money for this nonsense. Sure I'm contributing to the death and damnation of my homeland, but I'll be safely dead by the time it gets really bad..."

In a statement on the BBC's website, Tunde Ogungbesan, head of diversity, inclusion and succession at the BBC, said: 'The BBC is a diverse organisation, whichever way you look at it.

Ooga Booga, verse-titties, mudda fugga. Sheeeeiitt.

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African animal plays diversity jester in the court of the Clown King.


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