The Nigerian Space Program

We're not equal. The average American negro has an I.Q. of 85 and commits between seven and ten times the violent crime as a White person. Even these appalling numbers are unrealistically optimistic, skewed by "yellas," undercover brothers and la-teen-oh invaders who magically become White after being arrested. In Africa we get to see the negro in its native condition with all the confounding variables removed. Here this failed branch of humanity is left to its own devices and we can observe, hopefully from a safe distance, the complete inability of the living fossil to self-govern, manage a country or live a life that isn't riddled with superstition, violence and idiocy. Still, the negro should be getting better any day now, right? How about a dead-on-arrival attempt to launch genetic aliens into orbit?

Nigeria has announced plans to send an astronaut into space by 2030, as part of its drive to develop a world-class space industry.

If you don't think this is a well-conceived idea destined for success you're a "races." We should have that Stone Age nightmare creature in the final frontier in less than twenty years, no problem. We've already taught them to "dunk" a "bakkaball" into a ring ten feet off the ground, getting Barkevious one hunderd miles up should be no problem.

"The space program is very important," said Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu, Minister of Science and Technology, during a speech in the capital city Abuja. 

We have to start getting my failed race up there if we're going to be sure that we can chase down every last White person and expose them to our failure and pathology.

A Nigerian Space Agency delegation will visit partners in China this month to discuss logistics and investment for a manned space mission, which would be the first by an African nation.

Garbage people meet with ant people to discuss the colonization of the stars. Well, that or more "me chinneee, me pray tlick" mining operations that strip Africa of its resources and then leave.

Dr. Onu's announcement has been greeted with skepticism, partly as it came soon after a scam email demanding $3 million for a lost Nigerian astronaut went viral

LOL. Dear blesssed won in Chrrist, our afronaut Bangeee Bonngeee be stuck up in dat obit and sheeet. As a felllow brudda in dee chrutch we hopp you can send $3 million in dee Westernn Union to get heem dawn.

Onu also recently announced plans to start a pencil manufacturing industry that would create 400,000 jobs.

Making a pencil, rocket science, it's all about the same level of technology.

Negro spaceship.

But Nigeria's space program is no joke, and it is making steady progress.

No, seriously, stop laughing.

"To train an astronaut from selection to flight takes about eight years," says Dr. Spenser Onuh, head of the Centre for Satellite Technology Development. "2030 is realistic in my opinion...Responses from the international collaborators are very supportive and encouraging."

The Wrong Stuff. It still has a better chance of success than a manned NASA launch, now that we've reduced it to a dhimmitude body.

Professor Calestous Juma, a specialist on space programs in developing countries at the Harvard Kennedy School, suggests the mission represents "lofty ambition" that "may or may not happen as planned."

When it comes to the negro good intentions always matter more than minor details like success and failure.

But he believes that the vision is more important than the outcome.

You'd get along well with the negro appeasement criminals here in the U.S.S.A.

Homo erectus reaches for the stars.

The Nigerian space program has ambitions beyond its borders, and it is hoped that bold statements -- such as a manned mission -- will inspire stargazers across the continent. "This would be a landmark achievement for Nigeria and Africa, which will encourage the rest of Africa to get involved," says Ale.

It's a good program, honest. Please wire your first payment, via Western Union, to Lagos Nigeria, P.O. Box...

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Where da wite spacegirls at?


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