The Students Involved Were Black

All Whites are evil and full of poorly focused "hate," according to the jewish wire-puller who wants us eliminated. We wrap ourselves in sheets, engage in Third Reich cosplay, yell racial slurs at randomly selected inferiors, kidnap sodomites, attack transracial activists and generally wage an invisible, highly passive-aggressive war against the human sewage we're forced to live with. Meanwhile, back in reality, Whites are unbelievably "tolerant" of the alien races, often displaying suicidal generosity. When the highly dubious "hate crime" incidents collapse, as is inevitably the case, the kosher cameras have already left, the anti-White hay already made. "Look at this incorrectly made swastika," shrieks the wandering merchant, tucking paint-soaked hands into his carpet bag. This is clear proof that White genocide is justified, our enemy insists, even as he tries to surreptitiously dispose of the spray paint can with the little "U" on it.

It's not surprising that the communist indoctrination center or "college" as it was called when our nation was sane and healthy, is ground zero for some of the most pathetic "hate" hoaxes. Already a prankster's paradise for anyone with some chalk, this has not gone unnoticed by the jew and the tar monsters they use as a cudgel against us. Here schwoogie, write a misspelled slur or two on this dry erase board and then scream "races!" We'll make sure it gets a lot of attention and when your 80 I.Q. and lack of future time orientation results in you getting caught there won't be any punishment.

The students identified as the people behind a recent racist drawing found at Salisbury University's library are black, school officials confirmed Tuesday. 

Another day, another anti-White deception designed to appeal to the worst impulses of a failed race collapses. One would think the dinosaur media would develop a healthy skepticism towards these highly dubious incidents, but it fits the anti-White narrative and as such must be true.

The image, found April 10 on a whiteboard in Blackwell Library, showed a stick figure being hung and labeled with a racial slur. Underneath was the hashtag “#whitepower.”

It seems likely that the typical White college student, crippled by kosher debt and reeducated into self-loathing and negation would suddenly rise up and create this low-effort eruption of "racism," complete with cargo cult hashtags and Christmas colors. Yes, this is how the White college victim behaves, the same ones that cry and need counseling and "safe spaces" because someone wrote "Trump" in chalk on a sidewalk. It really is amazing how credible this entire incident is, I can't believe it was a negro trick bag.

Just make the "nigger" red, we're in a hurry here.

The university confirmed Tuesday, April 26, the students involved in the incident were black, spokesman Richard Culver wrote in an email.

Yeah. Imagine that. Who could have possibly predicted this? Hey negro, watcha doin'?!?

The university would not provide names of the students, citing the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. 

I'm sure the same courtesy would have been extended to a White student if this sad joke turned out to be real.

Since the incident, Salisbury University Police Department has completed its investigation, Culver said. 

Massive investigations! Spy on your friends!  We must catch the witches and wizards destroying our crops and causing cold days in April, no matter what the cost. Especially now that we have concrete "proof" that evil magic rituals and pacts with The Fallen One are taking place at our school.

In consultation with the Wicomico County State’s Attorney’s Office, the department has decided to not file criminal charges at this time.

With this ridiculous whimper the phony hate crime is laid to rest. It would be wrong to punish the negro that attempted to incite racial violence against Whites, so let's just memory hole this and focus on the fact that it could have happened.

“Regardless of who created the drawing, we find such actions demeaning to all members of the campus community and against our core values,” Dane Foust, vice president of Student Affairs, said in a statement provided by Culver.

The fact that it was a group of evolutionary dead-ends acting on jealousy-fueled hatred for Whites, on orders from their jewish handlers, really doesn't matter. What does matter is "White Man Bad."

“The main problem ... was that someone thought it was a joke,” he added. "(It was) an act of immaturity.”

A student weighs in and demonstrates the kosher critical thinking skills he's paying an obscene amount of shekels to acquire. Wrong answer dumb-ass. This was a calculated act by negroes to garner sympathy for their destructive "gib me dat" causes and to encourage hostility against Whites.

Jackson said he's had contact with the administration and that there's a hope to have a meeting in coming weeks about what happened, and the goals students have been working toward in education and diversity.

We'll still wring some "fewer Whites in everything" evil out of this, don't worry.

Following the incident, University President Janet Dudley-Eshbach released a letter to students and faculty.

Yeah. This should be good.

“Diversity is a core value of SU, and reports of such acts are taken seriously. The university will not tolerate this kind of language or behavior,” Eshbach wrote. 

Tough talk from a brave womyn of character. Truth to power, right here. Then the "act" promptly was "tolerated" when it turned out the animals that are more equal were behind it. Whatever, down with Whites and Western Civilization and by the way your student loan pound of flesh can't be removed by declaring bankruptcy so don't even try it.

But despite Eshbach’s goals of diversity, and increases in minority students on campus, racial tensions have still run high during the last year. 

Despite being surrounded by genetic and cultural aliens there's conflict and misery. Again, who could have foreseen this? We all know "diversity" is a mighty, mighty strength. Must be the fault of Whites. Somehow.

“As students of color, WE DO NOT point fingers nor cast blame for the lack of awareness and understanding in regards to the black experience here at Salisbury University, keeping in mind that racism and cultural segregation existed long before any of us stepped foot on campus,” the letter read.

Nigga bodies (Ah! Ah!)! Dat durr lakk oh ware-ness doe. Why are you slipping that marker into your pocket, negro?

“After we’ve already been making these strides … to see something like this. ... It goes to show that there’s still work to be done,” Jackson said earlier this month.

The removal of the "African American" would be a good first step.

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Speaking of hoaxes...


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