Their Own Line Died Out

It's probably only a matter of time before honest study of human genetic differences becomes a Thought Crime and is forbidden by our state religion. Every new discovery is a bunker-busting nuke directly targeting the kosher orthodoxy, the delusion that we're all equal. The blank slate mythology has been annihilated by a landslide of contradictory evidence and only survives via a jewish monopoly on the flow of information, much like the holohoax or the idea that foreign invasion and individual atomization and cancerous individuality is somehow healthy for a nation. As the amount of hate facts increases, more drastic measures will be needed. In a few years saying "Neanderthal DNA" will earn you a trip to a gulag.

Rather than being outwitted by the more numerous early humans, Neanderthals were just as sophisticated - but so impressed the humans they were seen as potential mates, say scientists.

Truly we are their children. Sophisticated and intelligent, trusting and cooperative, outnumbered by their lessers, sought out as mates (muh dikk) and eventually bred into annihilation. It seems like there might be some sort of lesson here. Hey, is that negro ball on the electronic synagogue? Go watch the jumping monsters, everything is fine.

The interbreeding meant that their own line died out, said Professor Julien Riel-Salvatore, of the University of Colorado, adding: "In many ways they were simply victims of their own success."

Yeah. We've built a wealthy and peaceful society, it's time to descend into jewish hedonism and spiritual leprosy, time to open the borders and bring in the flood of dark sewage, time for our line to die out. Yes, they were us.

"We are changing the main narrative. Neanderthals were just as adaptable and in many ways, simply victims of their own success."

A whole people group ceases to exist, the planet's most successful humans destroyed by the weight of numbers and the reproductive struggle. There will always be an England. Sweden Yes. I'm proud to be an American where at least I know I'm free...

I'm not "races!"

Prof Riel-Salvatore said: "Neanderthals had proven that they could roll with the punches and when they met the more numerous modern humans, they adapted again.

We can roll with the punches, as the brown paw smashes into the center of our face over and over. The prehistoric knockout game claims the Neanderthal. Burning cities? Invading armies of more numerous humans? A government that wants us dead? We'll adapt. We'll die.

"But modern humans probably saw the Neanderthals as possible mates. As a result, over time, the Neanderthals died out as a physically recognizable population."

I wonder if that could happen today...

"However, such computational modeling can refine our understanding of long-term human impact on the environment that can help inform land-use decisions for our future."

Maybe we'll realize White genocide is currently taking place, for example.

Refugees welcome!


  1. I recently read a book about the Neanderthal called 'Them and Us', author Danny Vendramini, in which it is claimed that this hominid looked nothing like the fair haired creature depicted above. Instead, it looked like a hairy ape and was a predator on humans for a long time until humans turned the tables and wiped them out. There was no interbreeding when the humans eventually invaded Europe. The Neanderthals were simply exterminated. It's a shame that our ancestors didn't also exterminate Homo Erectus in Africa. Instead, that thing is now going to breed us out of existence.


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