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The Ameristan Dream

We need a lot more moon cultists in Middle America, a lot more. Just ask the sodomite Kenyan or any other elected criminal. Their peaceful and highly spiritual faith contributes to the rich salad bowl of "diversity" and anything your lying eyes might have noted about their behavior should simply be dismissed in the name of sanctimony and proper fealty to the ruling synagogue. And don't worry, we'll somehow alchemize them into good little consumers, the highest goal of any Western nation. The jew dreams of an entire country of undifferentiated brown slaves making impulse purchases and toiling for the kosher masters, while the desert cult invader dreams of detonations and sawing off the heads of kuffirs.

A Michigan man is accused of being an ISIS supporter after he told an undercover FBI agent that he wanted to shoot up a church to show his support for the terrorist group.

Fortunately this animal was caught, so I guess we won't be hearing about how the "real vi…

Wrong Place and Time for Africa Ball Hero

The communists at (((Google))) couldn't even be bothered to make an insulting mystery meat doodle to honor those who died for nothing in the American Golem, so it's back to your regularly scheduled programming of bakkaball negroes breaking into apartments. This is the story of a heroic morlock, capable of both running and jumping, who was handed money and pathetic worship from White cuckolds. Then its genetically programmed incompatibility with a civilized nation ruined it all. Forget the vast sea of gentile blood shed in the disastrous jewish century, let us mourn this genetic alien so cruelly taken from us.

Bryce Dejean-Jones had a bright future in the NBA, the league commissioner said following the death of the New Orleans Pelicans guard who was shot after kicking down the door of what he mistakenly thought was his girlfriend's apartment in Dallas.

Good kid, turning his life around. A bright future of making lots of shekels playing a child's game in front of debased …

Miscegenation Misery: The Rest of the Remains

On the electronic synagogue the negro can do no wrong, at least if you skip the local news. They're doctors and lawyers, intelligent and articulate, extremely adept socially, unlike stiff and dorky Whites. Clearly these amazing brown surgeons and scientists would make excellent sex partners White woman, hint, hint. Then there's reality. The real-life negro is a little different than the one on the talmudvision. Instead of legal briefs and complicated surgery it's chainsaws and efforts to find the dismembered pieces of the snow hoe.

Steven Williams likely used a chainsaw to dismember Tricia Todd, Martin County Sheriff William Snyder said at a news conference Friday, describing her slaying as ‘heinous beyond description.”

Her soul died before her body and its death was every bit as horrific. She swallowed the jew lies and was butchered by a stone age nightmare monster. At least this proves you're not racist. Be sure to mention how much we forgive the negro animal and hope…

Sweden: Alcohol, Horny Levels and "Misplaced Feelings" Blamed for Muslim Rape Gangs

You can plot the downfall of a Western nation with the same mathematical certainty of graphing an equation. Start by counting the foreign alien invaders, multiply by the kosher spiritual sickness, add the excuses and lies and raise it by the factor of the White population's apathy, materialism, sanctimony and refusal to address reality for fear of being called names by our enemies. However you do the math there's no doubt that Swedenistan is a leading candidate to be the first European nation completely destroyed by "doing the right thing." As the moon cultists flood in, bringing crime and dependency, those in charge are quick to explain away the pathology, attempting to ascribe higher motives to an 80 I.Q. sand person brain that correctly sees Sweden as a nation of victims.

A Swedish police report into rape and sexual assault committed by migrants has blamed “Nordic alcohol culture,” “ignorance” and the “non-traditional gender roles” of European women for the growing…

Greatly Enriching the Fabric

The jew is the Light of the World, hated without cause, the humble merchant clutching a carpetbag full of goodness and light, the deeply spiritual man pushing pornography, feminism and the sodomite agenda, the generous lender, the wise shepherd of the goyim. We must take a break from our dreary unclean meat existence to honor the rot, to lavish awards on jewish criminals. Whether it's surviving the holohoax, gaming the charity system or pursuing that pound of flesh for the greater good the poisonous mushroom truly adds rich "diversity" to the salad bowl of the U.S.S.A. Let us give the serpent a medal for biting us, it's the right thing to do.

The United States Senate today is celebrating Jewish American Heritage Month by officially recognizing several outstanding Jewish Americans who have greatly enriched the fabric of American life.

I guess separation of synagogue and state isn't important. Bring in the tiny minority that surrounds and attacks us on every side. P…

Black Pack Attack and Robbery Gone Wrong

The inferiority, pathology and danger of the negro is so self-evident you would think they would have been safely quarantined in the Dark Continent a long time. However, self-righteousness, sanctimony, do-gooding and fear is one potent cocktail, especially for Whites who have an empathy for others and a concern for the outsider not found in any other race. The jew has taught us that our eyes are actually lying, that the negro is only a pathetic and vile mess because of "racism," that so much more needs to be done. In the name of careerism and materialism, in the name of kosher evil and negation, we bowed before the dark monster. You can always run away, right? Meanwhile the body count continues, the blood payment for imaginary sins, the sacrifice that must be done on the jewish altar every day lest the false gods of "diversity" and White genocide become angered.

First came the injury — and then the insult. After a man was beaten by a mob of teenagers in San Francisc…

"Racism" Blamed for Negro Sodomite Sickness

We live in an era where being a "hero" has never been easier. Having another man's erection or various household items inserted in your rectum is all that's required. This is brave and noble, the last virtue of a sick and dying society. When this exemplary lifestyle yields the predictable misery and disease, it's very clear that the White "racism" is somehow causing this and we need more White genocide as soon as possible. Just ask the Center for Disease Control, the same august body that welcomes disease-ridden foreign invaders so that we can have the massive benefits of pathosis diversity. Truly the rich and vibrant mix of affliction and death is our greatest strength.

An issue brief published on Tuesday by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control claimed that that Southerners’ “racism,” and “homophobia” may be causing high HIV rates in the South that are disproportionately high among African-Americans and homosexuals.

Witchcraft and the evil eye caused my…

The War on Face Crime

Please watch the following amazing video recorded at a communist indoctrination center.

This is the state of "education" in the Current Year. Welcome to Portland Community College, the Harvard of the Beaver State, and their bizarre "Whiteness History Month" program. An unseen student loan debt victim with absolutely no bass in his voice poopy-talks while a well-fed jew "academic" sagely nods along as the drivel spews out. The unseen representative of generation nothing demonstrates the massive value of a liberal arts education in enhancing one's rhetorical skills and critical thought processes by repeatedly saying "like" and expressing a bizarre concern that his self-negating fear and weakness might be offensive to genetic aliens that want him violently dead.

Meanwhile, the poisonous mushroom who one commentator called "AIDS Bubba Ray Dudley" stands in front of an Orwellian poster depicting the empty, soulless and hostile eyes of a…

Lots of Hate Messages

If I was an American negro I'd be constantly thanking Whites for removing me from my savage and backward homeland and placing me in a civilized society I can neither recreate or even comprehend. I'd be overflowing with gratitude for the hand-outs, the appeasement and the easy path to success if I can merely behave myself and manage some intellectual mediocrity. Thank you White man, thank you. Of course, if I really was a negro my I.Q. would be dramatically reduced along with the ability to connect cause and effect. Then introduce the jew and its campaign to weaponize the already dangerous lower races and the end result is, at best, sullen hostility and "more needs to be done" eternal victim-hood. After all, America was never great, just ask an 80 I.Q. negress who has absorbed all the kosher lies.

A Staten Island Home Depot staffer became the center of a social media storm — and received death threats — after a photo of her wearing a hat saying “America Was Never Great…

Difficult and Dangerous

What I am about to brutally dissect is an article written by an Arizona news service bemoaning the plight of the may-hee-can invader that occasionally suffers injury jumping off the pathetic fence we currently have in a few insignificant spots on an otherwise open and defenseless border. This staggering treason to our dead nation barely rates a raised eyebrow from the decreasing numbers of slumbering White victims. After all, these are natural conservatives and if we just removed that "racist" chain-link we could prevent the innocent foreign conqueror from suffering minor injuries that we then get the bill for. Meanwhile, a nationalist candidate is preparing to claim the presidency and it's easy to see why. This suicidal madness must stop. We've had enough of the bullshit.

 The 31-year-old Oaxaca native was dangling by one arm, a drop of more than two stories below her.

Oy, the pathos! Innocent human locusts from some aztec city eager to feast on the glistening, reeki…

An Insane Show

The American negro is probably one more wasteful program away from turning their collective lives around and becoming sun-tanned Whites. Inside the 70 I.Q. nightmare monster is a good little citizen, a responsible parent and a positive contributor to muh democracy and muh economy, if only we'd help that inner goodness burst from the tar-colored cocoon with just a little more appeasement and deceit. It just makes logical sense when you consider the steady stream of heroic living fossils portrayed on the talmudvision. We can make this highly insulting jewish fantasy a reality, but more needs to be done, a lot more. Perhaps more "positive" role-models, like (c)rappers?

A hip-hop musical festival at Discovery Park in Sacramento took a turbulent turn Sunday after a fire led to several injuries and a man was killed during a fight.

Negroes, debased Whites, la-teen-ohs and the occasional oriental for comic relief clash in a preview of the coming dark nightmare, the "diversit…

France: Jew Demands More Internet Censorship

There is no logical argument for the globalist nightmare state that our enemies are determined to create via White genocide, foreign invasion and a climate of spiritual poison. Every time "diversity" arrives it brings disaster with it, devastating once peaceful communities. The sodomite is a mental defective whose destructive and vile behavior becomes worse when it's enabled by a sick society.  The jew is exerting an undue influence on our institutions and that influence has been entirely negative. All of the above are incontestable facts, leaving a desperate attempt to silence the awakening goyim as the only remaining countermeasure.

In El-France the jew and some useful idiots have decided they need a lot more Speech Crime and Face Crime laws to keep the gentiles from discussing reality until they've successfully replaced them with moon cult invaders. And if a few shekels can be made in the process with a frivolous lawsuit, so much the better!

France’s largest anti-r…

When the Whites are Gone

The friendly merchant with the hooked nose and weird tiny skullcap has repeatedly assured us that Whites are the cause of all "minority" pathology. Once we have been genocided by the poisonous cocktail of self-negating materialism, sodomy, careerism, miscegenation and direct attacks a coffee-complected paradise will replace the nightmare of peaceful and prosperous civilization built by and for Whites. We're the "racists" and "haters" after all, not like the deeply spiritual and loving Sun People we've cruelly oppressed.

Please watch the following amazing video.

Welcome back to reality. One of the rapidly vanishing Whites that needs to die describes predictable racial violence between the "African American" and la-teen-oh as a free-for-all. I'd call it an all against all, myself. Without the protective hand of Whites the content of the character is fully expressed, dark animals incapable of building or even maintaining a functional mo…

Minnesota: Illegal Invaders Murdered Elderly White Man

Refusing to voluntarily crawl into the kosher mass grave and patiently await the bullet to the brain is "racist" and we should feel very ashamed. The West became a giant Katyn Forest, the jew evil fully unmasked, numb and helpless victims lined up to be killed and forgotten. Until recently this was the prevailing ethical guideline of a rapidly dying White population. We didn't want to be called names by an enemy that hates us, so every imaginable debasement was preferable. Whites are finally waking up from this long jewish nightmare and realizing that protecting our own self-interests, our lives and property and posterity, is actually natural and healthy rather than some word communists made up during the disastrous jewish century. We now stand on the cusp of what a more cynical person might call "hope and change," a chance to turn back the coming dark nightmare.

Meanwhile back in Minnesota, the Sweden of the Lower 48, a may-hee-can hush crime gets the memory h…

Harvard Jew Wants America Completely Destroyed Right Now

Our biggest weakness is our sense of justice and concern for fairness and the assumption that these higher values will be reciprocated by a flood of hostile brown aliens eager to loot and kill. It seems that it requires repeated failures and disasters before Whites start to become aware that our enemies care only about their own self-interests and are eager to reward our foolish generosity with endless demands for more, sex assaults, burning cities and deadly violence. We are the most tolerant and accommodating people on the planet and we've paid a heavy price for this naivete. "More needs to be done!" howls the alien, their hands dripping blood. Behind them the jew pulls the strings and counts the shekels.

Fortunately our jewish enemy also has a fatal weakness. The traveling merchant likes to declare victory before the battle is over, likes to dance on the geld it worships while spitting on the hated gentiles, mocking us with the vile satanic corruption they unleashed, …

Criminals, Cucks and Chosen Against Trump