Big Jew: More YouTube Censorship Needed

I post short online videos of interest to awake and healthy Whites with some regularity, so I'm under no illusions about the "free speech" so magnanimously permitted by the jews holding the wires.  It's not uncommon for "offensive" material to abruptly disappear into the memory hole. Our enemy isn't going to win any debates with us and they're certainly not going to convince us that recorded evidence of negro/la-teen-oh/chosen pathology is somehow not representative of how these walking pathogens typically behave. The solution is to simply silence all opposition and dissent, East German tactics deployed in Current Year against the shkotzim. Still, more needs to be done, especially in Germanistan which isn't getting into the grave fast enough, despite all evidence to the contrary.

The World Jewish Congress (WJC) sent Philipp Justus, the managing director of the German unit of YouTube parent company Google, a letter demanding more decisive action to take down illegal material praising the Holocaust and Adolf Hitler. 

In the sad remains of a once great nation, now a dumping ground for moon cult garbage, differing opinions aren't merely ungood, they're illegal. Take note, U.S.S.A. The jew wants Thought Crime laws and it wants this tyranny to vigorously enforced.

"Why is it that Google steadfastly refuses to take action against the proliferation of racist and anti-Semitic material on its platforms?" Executive Vice President Robert Singer of the New York-based WJC wrote in a letter made available to AFP.

Shut. It. Down. We all know the Google (U) loves to promote "racist" ideas and one has to wonder why more goyim aren't being harshly punished for ideas a New York jew doesn't personally approve of. After all, winning the approval of the wandering merchant should be our number one priority, always. Just ask any mainstream politician.

"Do you really believe that songs glorifying, or inciting to, the mass murder of Jews fall under freedom of speech?"

Meanwhile a jew-promoted (c)rap "song" about assassinating Donald Trump represents "humor" and healthy freedoms.

Singer highlighted one song in particular, "In Belsen" by far-right group Kommando Freisler, which he said was "widely available" on YouTube despite the fact that it had been banned in Germany and the band members behind it given suspended jail terms in 2009 for inciting racial hatred.

One can only imagine the horrific "hate" lyrics about what I was taught in school was a "death camp" and then historians finally quietly admitted wasn't. Oy, they made us work! Work, death, same thing!

Further tracks from the same album and "thousands of clips" from other neo-Nazi bands could also still be seen, he said.

How are we supposed to win the victory over ourselves when crime-bands are a few clicks away?

"If I post something from Adele or Taylor Swift, you can bet it'll be gone in a few hours," he said, referring to the company's approach to copyright violations.

A spokesman for YouTube's German unit said that the company had "clear guidelines to ban hate speech against certain groups or content that incites racial hatred".

I love Big Jew, don't blame me!

"We remove all videos that violate these guidelines as soon as they are reported. That also applies to banned right-wing extremist music," he added.

Soviet tactics fail to stop the flood of samizdat. The jew is not happy.

By Monday afternoon, all of the offending videos cited in an email from the WJC had been removed from YouTube.

The humble and powerless jew, hated without cause, the Light of the World enduring totally unearned persecution from the evil gentiles, g*d's favorite people.

Germany has strict hate speech laws and its authorities have pressed social media companies to do more to police incitement on their sites.

We really need to start cracking down hard on Face Crime. Also, how about another million rapefugees this year?

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