Black Pack Attack and Robbery Gone Wrong

The inferiority, pathology and danger of the negro is so self-evident you would think they would have been safely quarantined in the Dark Continent a long time. However, self-righteousness, sanctimony, do-gooding and fear is one potent cocktail, especially for Whites who have an empathy for others and a concern for the outsider not found in any other race. The jew has taught us that our eyes are actually lying, that the negro is only a pathetic and vile mess because of "racism," that so much more needs to be done. In the name of careerism and materialism, in the name of kosher evil and negation, we bowed before the dark monster. You can always run away, right? Meanwhile the body count continues, the blood payment for imaginary sins, the sacrifice that must be done on the jewish altar every day lest the false gods of "diversity" and White genocide become angered.

First came the injury — and then the insult. After a man was beaten by a mob of teenagers in San Francisco, left sprawled unconscious on the ground, police said two bystanders walked up to him and stole his wallet and other belongings.

The content of their character. The strong high-trust society built from throwing every available brown alien into a kosher bag and tapping it with a club a few times. This is the coming "diversity" nightmare state, the all against all where the "color of your skin" will encourage violence from worthless tar animals. If we fail this is the heavy price that must be paid: the end of civilization and a return to the jungle.

Police are looking for the six boys and girls, described as 15 and 18 years old, in connection with the assault that left the man in a coma.

Those crazy "boys and girls" and their harmless little pranks, like giving a man brain damage in a black pack attack.

The victim, a 29-year-old from Hayward, was attacked early Friday at Harrison and Harriet streets near the Hall of Justice. He had just left a bar and was walking alone.

The Hall of Justice. The last citadel of the old world that is rapidly being murdered, a vestige of a better era lost in the name of appeasing hate-filled monsters who want us dead. In front of the ruins of the last age the Eloi is devoured by Morlocks.

Another forgotten victim.

“Glass bottles were used, but it was mostly punching and kicking that led to his brain injuries,” San Francisco police spokesman Carlos Manfredi told KPIX-TV.
Good kids, turning that life around, making the occasional glass bottle attack on an already unconscious victim while on the way to grandma/church/college.

Then, as he was lying on the ground — suffering from severe head trauma and brain injuries — two people robbed him, police said.

And I'm proud to be an Amurrkwan, where at least I know I'm free...

The motive for the attack was not immediately clear. Police plan to interview the victim once his injuries improve. 

No motive, no arrests, another ruined life. Hey, is that African Tree Hockey on the talmudvision? Here, do drugs goyim. Don't you feel better now?


  1. The war on Whites continues. A very sad story. There is some good news though. The battle against noticing has turned a corner and the false facade that this war is being waged for "equality" and justice is starting to smell bad to all the White dupes. The anti-Trump zoo is assisting this awakening quite nicely.


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