Chicago Celebrates Mother’s Day With Tribal Warfare

The negro should be improving any day now, you just have to be patient and keep paying and bleeding. This moronic and dangerous failed race is very likely to start approximating civilized behavior if we stay the wise and noble course of pouring endless resources into "communities" that have been carpet-bombed by the content of their character, if we keep holding our tongues and denying our thoughts, if we all die. While Whites were celebrating the family the brown animal was "busting," leaving a pile of shit-colored bodies on the Chiraq streets. We can't share a nation with these animals. They need to be removed.

Mother’s Day weekend saw eight people killed and 43 wounded by gun violence in Chicago, the most violent weekend in the city since the end of September, according to an analysis of Tribune data.

Poorly formed monsters from the Stone Age wage all-out war in the jewish plantation. I'm surprised the new magic negro police chief hasn't already solved this stubborn problem of low intelligence, no future time orientation and a propensity toward violence, I really am.

Doesn't know left from right, is highly qualified to serve the jew as a sinecure figurehead.

At least 1,225 people have been shot in Chicago this year as violence continues at a pace not seen in the city since the 1990s, according to data kept by Tribune and police.

We need a lot more "programs," that's for sure.

Two people were shot on Chicago highways, including a 35-year-old man who died after being shot in the back on Lake Shore Drive.

Sitting in a car, that most dangerous activity a Crabgrass-American can engage in. Time to remove the dead turd from the White invention and wonder what we were thinking when we turned these child-demons loose.

The weekend’s youngest homicide victim was 16-year-old Nathan Hicks, who was shot in the chest as he stood on a sidewalk in East Garfield Park.

Standing on a sidewalk, the second most dangerous activity for the evolutionary dead-end. The good boy turns that life around.

The oldest was 58-year-old Andres Rivera, killed at his dinner table in Archer Heights when a bullet pierced the front door and hit him in the head, police said.

While enjoying those authentic burritos, the most compelling argument we have for "diversity," a natural conservative takes one to the "dome."

Cause and effect.

In just 3 1/2 hours early Saturday, a 30-year-old man was killed and 14 other people were wounded — the equivalent of someone shot every 14 minutes.

The content of their character. This is why segregation existed. This is why deportation needs to happen.

Many of the shootings over the weekend occurred in predominantly black areas.

I know, I was surprised too. We should stress that it wasn't all negroes, you awful "racist." There were also some dead la-teen-ohs.

Welcome to Chiraq.


  1. Funny how that 'gun violence' always seems to attack the negro community. "Violence continues at a pace not seen since......" Almost as if the negroes are perfectly well behaved, minding its own business when 'shots ring out' or the violence just appears out of nowhere.

  2. Just fed up. Abolish the 2nd Amendment for Negroes. At least three times more likely to resort to gun use than any other race.

  3. Our diversity wasn't considered quite sufficient enough so it was thought wise to begin importing 'enrichment' from Somalia. Melbourne is the most Somalian enriched city in Australia. Crime and violence has sky-rocketed in Melbourne. Obviously an odd coincidence.


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