Difficult and Dangerous

What I am about to brutally dissect is an article written by an Arizona news service bemoaning the plight of the may-hee-can invader that occasionally suffers injury jumping off the pathetic fence we currently have in a few insignificant spots on an otherwise open and defenseless border. This staggering treason to our dead nation barely rates a raised eyebrow from the decreasing numbers of slumbering White victims. After all, these are natural conservatives and if we just removed that "racist" chain-link we could prevent the innocent foreign conqueror from suffering minor injuries that we then get the bill for. Meanwhile, a nationalist candidate is preparing to claim the presidency and it's easy to see why. This suicidal madness must stop. We've had enough of the bullshit.

 The 31-year-old Oaxaca native was dangling by one arm, a drop of more than two stories below her.

Oy, the pathos! Innocent human locusts from some aztec city eager to feast on the glistening, reeking viscera of the U.S.S.A. face possible twisted ankles or worse from our feeble attempts to protect our nation from foreign opportunists. Jeb Bush's wife from another life clings to the fencing, a cockroach that walks upright, a shit-colored disease vector welcomed by our criminal government.

Slowly, her hand slipped and her legs slammed the desert floor with a bone-rattling thud.

The amazing flying burrito biters act comes to a predictable conclusion.

She couldn’t move. All she could think about was the 14-year-old daughter she had left behind — whom she might never see again.

The welfare she would never receive, the demands on the long-suffering, browbeaten and vanishing White population she would never make, the piles of filth and clogged toilets deferred. Isn't this tragic, goyim? Your "racist" border is hurting brown scum.

Reports of migrants getting hurt when trying to jump the fence or trekking through the treacherous desert are not new, but immigrant shelters and Mexican officials are seeing a spike of migrants — especially women — getting hurt trying to jump the border fence. 

Once we have the Trump wall this will stop. They won't be able to get to the top of it and if they somehow do the hundred (and ten!) foot fall will be immediately fatal to the attacking enemy. Yes, it is clearly humane to build a massive, beautiful wall. Thanks, kosher media!

No more broken legs for Juanita.

“It’s the same crossing through the wall or through the desert,” said Gilda Felix, director of the Juan Bosco immigrant shelter in Nogales, where many of the injured are brought before going home. “Both are difficult and dangerous.”

Is there some compelling reason why this vile do-gooding traitor hasn't been arrested and swiftly executed? 

So far this year, there have been 37 cases of injured Mexican migrants. In all of 2014 Pineda’s office reported 56 cases. That includes all injuries, not just falling from the fence.

The precious 37 banged-up a little before looting America. Clearly we need to strip any and all obstacles from the open border so that a handful of invading enemies don't suffer minor inconveniences inflicted by their own aggressive rejection of our laws and sovereignty.

Area hospitals are responsible for much of the cost associated with treating injured border crossers, but most don’t keep track of how many there are or of the cost.

Using statistical voodoo to lie about la-teen-oh pathology? Seems pretty incredible. Next you'll tell me that someone's doing the raping.

The charges vary depending on severity of injury, she said. “We bill these patients, but few are able to pay anything, so most of the charges are written off.”

Don't worry White sucker with your little Obama card, we'll pass the expense on to you.

In 2014, TMC provided $13.6 million in uncompensated care costs, which includes charity care, bad debt and discounts for the uninsured.

The word "sustainable" definitely comes to mind, along with "conservative values."

“What surprises us is that people continue to jump from heights that can be the equivalent of a two- or even three-story house,” he said. “But we hear they feel pressured to do it because they are holding the line or they start insulting them, telling them to jump.”

Eyyyyy, hurreee awp puto loco, deeess holl awp deeee line, I theeeeeeennnnkkkk. We're definitely going to win over these soulless animals to cuckservatism, just you wait and see.

When the smugglers she hired told her it was her turn to cross, she climbed the ladder — for which she paid roughly $13. But once she was on top she couldn’t figure out how to come down and slipped. One of the guides tried to grab her hand as she held on with the other.

The value of American citizenship: less than one Tubman.

“We come with the hope of a better life,” she said. “It’s a nice dream, but when something like this happens, everything comes tumbling down.”

The real tragedy is you didn't die.

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