Emir of Londonistan

I can be forgiven for taking a break from observing Europe's slow and agonizing death by a million jewish cuts, the kosher slaughter of Whites who have lost even the most basic survival instincts, in light of the glorious victory of nationalism that occurred in the U.S.S.A. We can only hope the restoration of sanity and common sense opposition to planned dispossession currently sweeping England's wayward son will eventually take root on the other side of the Atlantic. On the other hand this is the United Kaliphate we're talking about, a nation still hoping to play spoiler against El-France and Swedenistan in the race to national destruction in the name of muh feelings and vague, poorly defined moral imperatives imposed by wealthy rootless elites. "It's the right thing to do," goyim.

Labour candidate Sadiq Khan was set on Thursday to become the first Muslim to be elected mayor of London, loosening the ruling Conservatives' hold on Britain's financial center after a campaign marred by charges of anti-Semitism and extremism.

When all the "extremism" of meekly mumbling about losing your homeland ended, in between inhaling "pints" and watching the magic negroes in the Premier League, when the "anti-semitism" of noticing reality collapsed under the weight of denial and deceits, we finally elected a moon cultist to rule over us. Muh democracy delivers what you deserve, good and hard. Londonistan finally has a stone cube worshiper who reflects its rich and buttery diversity. There will always be an England, allah be praised.

His expected victory may be a lone bright spot for Labour on a day of local elections in England, Scotland and Wales.

Winning elections is more important than minor details like the impending destruction of your own country and the massive invasion of violent and moronic cultural, religious and genetic aliens. Just ask any cuckservative.

In bright sunshine, Britons trickled in to voting stations to cast their ballots in elections which some campaigners fear could fail to attract many voters, as the contests have been overshadowed by next month's referendum on whether Britain should leave the European Union.

Yeah, don't blow your load all at once, United Kaliphate. It's important you pick your next sultan before affirming your continued allegiance to the European Economic Union.

Foreign invader wants more foreign invasion.

The fight to run London - the top prize in the local elections - has pitted Labour's Khan, 45, the son of an immigrant bus driver, against Conservative Zac Goldsmith, 41, the elite-educated son of a billionaire financier.

Yes, this is real. A taxi-driving jihadan runs against g*d's chosen, a true conservative exemplifying real conservative values like hedge funds, more immigration, sodomy, getting that pound of flesh, etc. Great job defeating those evil nawtzees, Tommy. You truly saved the world.

Khan has a big lead in the opinion polls, despite accusations by Goldsmith that he has shared platforms with radical Muslim speakers and given "oxygen" to extremists.

A desert cult fanatic with so-called "radical" leanings? Seems pretty hard to believe, but it must be considered if a jew, the most honest and righteous of all animals, is saying it. 

I am absolutely amazed how he tried to smear by innuendo," said self-employed voter Ian Whisson, describing the Conservative candidate's campaign as "disgusting and slimy".

The kosher British version of Ted Cruz gets body-bagged by a brown alien that "prays" on all fours with another man's rear end directly in front of him.

 The jew alternative to jihad.

The campaign, condemned by Labour for using what it calls Donald Trump-style tactics to divide Londoners along faith lines, has swept aside usual concerns in the capital over high transport costs and a lack of affordable housing.

And we'd all rather be remembered as polite and respectable victims than winners willing to fight for our survival.

The Labour leader ordered an inquiry into charges of anti-Semitism after suspending Ken Livingstone, a political ally and a former London mayor, for saying Adolf Hitler had supported Zionism.

I guess "England First" really isn't a thing yet. This, however is. Inquiries and investigations, witch hunts and inquisitions, let's have lots more immigration.

After Corbyn expressed confidence that Labour would gain seats, his spokesman qualified his remarks on Thursday, saying he rather wanted to say: "We're not in the business of losing seats and we'll be fighting to win as many as possible tomorrow."

Our job is to get elected and then accomplish as little as possible, and then repeat this cycle over and over. What a wonderful business this truly is!

The United Kaliphate: face down, ass up.


  1. "Great job defeating those evil nawtzees, Tommy. You truly saved the world."

    HA, couldn't agree more. The good guys lost WW2.


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