France: Jew Demands More Internet Censorship

There is no logical argument for the globalist nightmare state that our enemies are determined to create via White genocide, foreign invasion and a climate of spiritual poison. Every time "diversity" arrives it brings disaster with it, devastating once peaceful communities. The sodomite is a mental defective whose destructive and vile behavior becomes worse when it's enabled by a sick society.  The jew is exerting an undue influence on our institutions and that influence has been entirely negative. All of the above are incontestable facts, leaving a desperate attempt to silence the awakening goyim as the only remaining countermeasure.

In El-France the jew and some useful idiots have decided they need a lot more Speech Crime and Face Crime laws to keep the gentiles from discussing reality until they've successfully replaced them with moon cult invaders. And if a few shekels can be made in the process with a frivolous lawsuit, so much the better!

France’s largest anti-racism group, its Jewish students’ union and a gay rights movement are suing three social media networks for failing to remove racist, anti-semitic and homophobic content.

The anti-White, anti-civilization groups converge to try to wring some quick geld out of their planned demolition of our homelands. I'm not sure what, exactly, would be the basis for a lawsuit here, but then again I don't have a badly damaged rectum, a ball-gag in my mouth while I stare at the wall or a weird little cap on the back of my head. I'm sure the Talmudic justification for removing all criticism toward buggery is extremely sound.

In a joint statement on Sunday, the Union of Jewish Students, SOS Racisme and SOS Homophobie said they were taking legal action against Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

Burning cars, moose-limb invasion, cultural leprosy, rape gangs, loss of national identity, the jew making more demands to silence even the most timid opposition...SOS, indeed.

The groups found “586 examples of content that is racist, anti-semitic or homophobic, denies the Holocaust or seeks to justify terrorism or crimes against humanity” in a social media survey they carried out from March 31 to May 10.

Oy, the precious 586 sent up the virtual chimney by the evil nawrt-zees behind Jewbook and Jewtube. That's a huge number of criminal thoughts for services used by millions of goys. Clearly you need to give us money.

I found another one for your lawsuit, jew.

Denying the Holocaust and justifying terrorism are crimes in France, as is propagating racist, anti-semitic or homophobic messages. 

R.I.P. France. The cattle are silenced by law and mercilessly attacked by the traveling merchant. Being uncomfortable with a "gay" pouring wet cement down his anus is a crime. Setting cars on fire to appease the stone cube you worship apparently isn't.

“Only four per cent of this hate content was removed on Twitter, seven per cent on YouTube and 34 per cent on Facebook,” the groups said.

What part of "Shut it down!" didn't you understand, you worthless unclean piece of meat?

Facebook deleted 53 of 156 messages which the groups objected to, a result they described as “particularly contestable given that Facebook strictly enforces rules on pornography”.

Oy, muh pornography! We should be allowed to post blonde shiksas with schwoogies!

Leaders of the groups said the survey raised questions about whether the values of the social networks were consistent with French legislation. Representatives of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube were not immediately available to comment.

We need to protect French values like sodomy, pornography, islamic invasion, moe-ham-head grooming gangs, jihad attacks, jew worship and general national suicide.

The enemy within.


  1. Don't let them jew you, the jews are stupid. They don't actually have a plan, its more a pathology. They call it tikkum olem or some kind of stupid shit. They don't really fix anything, they just try to fix the game by cheating and lying about cheating. They're gonna lose it all this time. Bringing in Mohammed's jew killers shows how desperate and dumb they really are. Lets stop the Nazis by bringing in Islam. Yeah, that's the kind of brilliance they have right there.


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