Greatly Enriching the Fabric

The jew is the Light of the World, hated without cause, the humble merchant clutching a carpetbag full of goodness and light, the deeply spiritual man pushing pornography, feminism and the sodomite agenda, the generous lender, the wise shepherd of the goyim. We must take a break from our dreary unclean meat existence to honor the rot, to lavish awards on jewish criminals. Whether it's surviving the holohoax, gaming the charity system or pursuing that pound of flesh for the greater good the poisonous mushroom truly adds rich "diversity" to the salad bowl of the U.S.S.A. Let us give the serpent a medal for biting us, it's the right thing to do.

The United States Senate today is celebrating Jewish American Heritage Month by officially recognizing several outstanding Jewish Americans who have greatly enriched the fabric of American life.

I guess separation of synagogue and state isn't important. Bring in the tiny minority that surrounds and attacks us on every side. Pin an award on a suit-wearing demon. Think of all the enrichment, starting in their own pockets, of course.

Prominent Members of the US Senate will be participating and heralding the accomplishments of this year’s honorees who include: 

Muh democracy. Be sure to vote cuckservative, it will clearly make a positive impact on the desiccated husk of our dead nation.

Rabbi Hillel Zaltzman of Chamah, who was born in Kharkov, Ukraine. His family fled the Nazis to Samarkand, Uzbekistan, where he grew up. 

Oy vey, the holohoax! Flee to a Silk Road city to escape the nawrtzees. Then stay there, because Kharkov was under German control for many, many years.

When simply being a Jew posed a grave danger, sixteen-year old Hillel entered the Jewish underground-whose mandate was to keep Judaism alive in the crosshairs of the KGB by carrying out missions throughout the Soviet Union.

Excuse me, what? When something doesn't make any sense it's because it's a lie.

Zaltzman immigrated to America in 1974. In his widely-acclaimed literary work, Samarkand, The Underground’s Far Reaching Impact, Zaltzman transports the reader to times gone-by, painting a graphic picture of legendary heroes by describing in vivid detail the fascinating story of the self-sacrifice of a small group of Jews who bravely fought the mighty, brutal Soviet regime, and prevailed.

The heroic jew, bravely fighting gentile dominated communism. Let's see what this rat's holohoax score is.

Fleeing the Nazis, 5 points.
Entering the jewish underground, 5 points
Trying to keep judiasm alive, 5 points
Battling the evil Soviets, no points, entry disqualified for failing to conform to the accepted narrative, F-, see me after class.

Mr. Zaltzman, what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may g*d have mercy on your soul.

Jew fought against jewish communism.

Thomas B. Corby, President of the LA based Erwin Rautenberg Charitable Foundation, whose support has enabled the USC Shoah Foundation, Jewish Home for Aging, Holocaust Survivors Justice Network, and The JVS Scholarship Fund. 

From the holohoax Z Team to a much more promising chosenite. How about some charity con-games, featuring the usual shakedowns and shekel collections?

Mr. Corby is a major force behind the humanitarian work of these organizations. His generosity and tireless support has literally turned around the lives of thousands.

LOL. Good jews, turning their lives around. About to stop the usury, geld worship and nation-wrecking any day now.

Mrs. Ruth Lichtenstein, founder of Project Witness, will be recognized for her trailblazing accomplishments in the realm of Holocaust education.  

We haven't mentioned this kosher lie in at least three sentences, so here it is again. Does the jew do anything other than wail about imaginary crimes and demand money from the gentiles?

Morton Davis, owner and Chairman of D.H. Blair Investment Banking Corp.

The rich diversity of the semitic talons digging into the soft flesh of White countries. Let us take time to honor a jew in banking and monetary voodoo, a rare and highly unusual sight to be sure.

Rabbi Marc Schneier, President of the Foundation For Ethnic Understanding, is an international figure who is renowned for his dedication to strengthening cooperation and reconciliation among ethnic and religious communities most notably in the field of Black-Jewish Relations. Rabbi Schneier is the author of Shared Dreams: Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Jewish Community. 

We conclude with some good old-fashioned "let's you and him fight" manipulation from the enemy within. This satanic criminal was in charge of weaponizing the American negro for White genocide. What a hero. Let's give it awards.

Evil rat-faced jew worked with schwoogies.

“This year’s honorees literally represent the gamut of Jewish contributions to the United states, ranging from fighting for religious freedom, philanthropy, Holocaust remembrance and education, business achievements , civil rights, and successful integration of an immigrant community,” said Friedlander.

Yeah. Couldn't be more literal. Every amazing "contribution" you could ask for: attacking Christianity and normal White America, insular "charitable" groups where gentiles need not apply, keeping Soviet propaganda alive, Shylockery, teaching brown sewage how to game the system and open borders. We are truly fortunate to have this alien outsider in our midst.


  1. You know, Dracula or Vlad Tepes was a great White hero who saved Western Civilization from the invaders from Islam. These are the real bloodsucking vampires. Nosferatu is the only accurate depiction of these monsters and not surprisingly the only motion picture about vampires not made or produced by jews. Ever wonder why so many movies and TV shows involve vampires? Wonder no more, its wish fulfillment fantasy by the worst most degenerate race ever to crawl on the Earth, the judenschweinhund. That's why they are always so handsome and virile and charming or everything the jew is not or ever will be. These fuckers are just completely insane. They see everything the opposite of the way it is. In their diseased defective mind, Whites are evil criminals and nigger are noble caring humanitarians. Crazy huh?


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