Lesbian Witch Panders to Negro Hate Organization

The establishment, the cuckservatives and the cultural marxists, the two sides of the same shekel, are afraid and this is good. With common-sense nationalism returning to allow for a dignified disposal of the reeking corpse of the U.S.S.A. our increasingly desperate enemies are prepared to pull out every dirty trick, to grovel in front of every criminal group, to make every ridiculous promise. If this means standing before a kosher victim group that weaponized the negro for the endless war against the hated White goyim, so be it. If it means barking like a dog or affecting a goofy "ethnic" accent, well that's nothing new either.

Hillary Clinton keeps getting blacker and blacker during this campaign. 

Please appoint this evil sociopath to rule over you, it's very important. Besides, you don't want to support a "races" who might actually do something to slow or even reverse the rot. No, let's help spread the necrosis through the dead body politic. If that compelling argument didn't convince you, maybe this Hillary Rottencrotch minstrel show will.

Speaking to the NAACP, she told the all-black crowd that “I get it.”  The “it” Clinton referred to was the trials and tribulations of being a black American.

It's not easy being a negro. The free everything paid for by White suckers, the modern civilized nation they squat in that they could never reproduce or even maintain on their own, the constant groveling and appeasement, the special preferences, the more that always needs to be done and the guarantee that elected criminals will be forced to debase themselves for their approval. This failed race has been handed everything and displays its gratitude by shitting its own nest and blaming Whites.

Imagine if white kids were 50 percent more likely to die from asthma than white kids.

Yeah, just imagine. The above is a highly logical and convincing argument, unbelievably sound in its underpinnings and perfectly delivered with rhetorical flair. I mean, what if more Whites were dying of asthma (???) than other, er, Whites. You'd care then, wouldn't you? Poor Jayden, found dead mere feet from the inhaler that could have saved him, another victim of the silent tragedy devastating the White community while ignoring the White community.

I'm definitely going to vote cultural marxist now.

Imagine if a white baby in parts of this country was twice as likely to die before her first birthday than a black baby. 

Ohhhhhh. I get it, you just misspoke. Back to our regularly scheduled programming, I suppose.

Imagine the country and resources that would flood in to save those children.

This dumb bitch literally can't deliver a lame false idea in simple negro-level English without constantly stumbling over words and babbling nonsense. Honestly, what does this even mean? Country flooding in? Drivel and idiocy, the preferred mode of communication for the coming failed nightmare state if the dyke from hell gets elected.

These inequities are wrong, they’re immoral, they’re un-American, and they have to end,” Clinton roared to the black audience’s delight.

"I will gibs you dat!" Audience of evolutionary dead-ends explodes into rapturous applause.

The profound ugliness of a dead nation.

The reason outcomes for black American children are so abysmal is because more black babies (72%)  are being born out of wedlock to teens who refuse to parent them.  No genius needs to tell anyone this is a prescription for a disastrous life.

Hate facts! "Racism!" It's time to flail your flabby arms and screech nonsense, college victims.

“I want you to know that I get it and I see it. And it’s important that we have this conversation. For many white Americans, it’s tempting to believe that systemic racism is largely behind us. But anyone asking for your vote has a responsibility to see things as they actually are, not as we wish them to be.”

Keep paying and keep taking the blame for everything, White sucker. Believe total nonsense that doesn't have a scrap of evidence to support it. Vote Evil Party. Die.

“We cannot let Barack Obama’s legacy fall into Donald Trump’s hands,” Hillary exclaimed to her NAACP black homies.

I've got a chopper in the trunk for Western Civilization.

Maybe next time pick a shirt color that doesn't call to mind a prison outfit, negro.


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