Minnesota: Illegal Invaders Murdered Elderly White Man

Refusing to voluntarily crawl into the kosher mass grave and patiently await the bullet to the brain is "racist" and we should feel very ashamed. The West became a giant Katyn Forest, the jew evil fully unmasked, numb and helpless victims lined up to be killed and forgotten. Until recently this was the prevailing ethical guideline of a rapidly dying White population. We didn't want to be called names by an enemy that hates us, so every imaginable debasement was preferable. Whites are finally waking up from this long jewish nightmare and realizing that protecting our own self-interests, our lives and property and posterity, is actually natural and healthy rather than some word communists made up during the disastrous jewish century. We now stand on the cusp of what a more cynical person might call "hope and change," a chance to turn back the coming dark nightmare.

Meanwhile back in Minnesota, the Sweden of the Lower 48, a may-hee-can hush crime gets the memory hole treatment. An old man showed kindness toward the conquering army, perhaps in hopes of some of the "do on to others" cucktian magic kicking in. Instead he was brutally murdered. The old world dies. May something glorious replace it.

Two Twin Cities men will each spend 37 years in prison for the death of a Carver County farmer. Earl Olander, 90, was beaten to death last April.
You probably remember the national news coverage, the speeches from our mulatto queer, the calls for new legislation so that this will never happen again. Or the la-teen-oh criminals might have been classified as "White" on an arrest report that was quickly placed into the memory hole. Probably the second one.

On Friday, a judge sentenced 36-year-old Reinol Vergara and 30-year-old Edson Benitez Carver after they pleaded guilty to beating him. The men were sentenced back-to-back at the Carver County courthouse in Chaska.

Yes, those "Twin Cities men" mentioned in the opening sentence. Good little native Minnesotans who crossed an open border and brought violent misery to the U.S.S.A. Just like all those "Swedish Men" doing all the raping back home.

Walking dog shit.

Vergara first met earl Olander when he painted his house in 2014. The next time he’d return on April 8 last year, it would be with duct tape and a shotgun to rob the man.

Our feckless kindness will convince our blood enemies that we shouldn't be tied up with duct tape and murdered, you can be sure of that. Niceness and weakness, apathy and tolerance, delusion and docility, the strong national values of a country that died.

“This senseless act inflicted a type of terror no one should have to endure,” family member Paul Lundquist said.

Careful there comrade, you don't want to commit Speech Crime. We should at least mention that diversity is a mighty strength and it's too bad that la-teen-ohs who are nonviolent welfare leeches will get blamed for the moy macho aggression of their more violent cousins.

Vergara pleaded guilty to second degree murder last month, after Olander was found dead in his home with four blunt force trauma wounds to his body, and bound by duct tape around his hands and ankles.

They beat him to death. No human being is illegal. Borders are racist. Pound sign Never Trump.

“And for what? What was the point of murdering a great guy who never hurt a soul?” family member Craig Rothfusz said.

A sacrifice to the ruling demons, a sweet savor at the synagogue of satan. 

“God teaches us to forgive. Perhaps someday, but not today,” Lundquist said.

Hopefully common sense and basic self-preservation instincts will win out over your cucktianity, but this is Minnesota, land of "another million Somalis brought in by church do-gooders."

Before each of their sentencings, both men told the family and friends of Olander they were sorry. The prosecutor said it’s likely they will both be deported once they finish sentences. 

The man they killed will continue to be dead.


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