The Ameristan Dream

We need a lot more moon cultists in Middle America, a lot more. Just ask the sodomite Kenyan or any other elected criminal. Their peaceful and highly spiritual faith contributes to the rich salad bowl of "diversity" and anything your lying eyes might have noted about their behavior should simply be dismissed in the name of sanctimony and proper fealty to the ruling synagogue. And don't worry, we'll somehow alchemize them into good little consumers, the highest goal of any Western nation. The jew dreams of an entire country of undifferentiated brown slaves making impulse purchases and toiling for the kosher masters, while the desert cult invader dreams of detonations and sawing off the heads of kuffirs.

A Michigan man is accused of being an ISIS supporter after he told an undercover FBI agent that he wanted to shoot up a church to show his support for the terrorist group.

Fortunately this animal was caught, so I guess we won't be hearing about how the "real victims" are all the mythical non-pathological stone cube worshipers and certainly not the rapidly cooling remains of church-goers.

Khalil Abu-Rayyan was first arrested on gun and drug charges last year, but now he has since been accused of attempting to commit terrorist related offenses by the FBI. He has not been formally charged with terrorism. 

This must be the "anarchy" portion of our anarcho-tyranny. Gun and drug charges are apparently insufficient to put away a Michigan jihadan, while Whites will soon be jailed for Face Crime.

Authorities say that Abu-Rayyan made threats in monitored phone conversations and electronic communications with the undercover agent, as he was also under surveillance on social media.

See, it made sense to give up your rights and allow government spying. This way we can almost control dangerous aliens who are completely incompatible with our culture and democracy in general. The Orwellian heroes stopped the Allahu Akbars.

He also was found to have made numerous comments on ISIS propaganda online, including videos of executions, as well as liking and re-tweeting ISIS related links, WJBK reported.

I guess you wouldn't need special spy nets to notice that, but on the other hand you're probably a "racist" or "xenophobe" so shut up and die.

 Foreign invader wanted to repay our generosity.

While on social media he told an undercover agent that he 'tried to shoot up a church one day. I don't know the name of it but it's close to my job.

I mean, any port in a storm, right? Gotta shoot up something, might as well be one that's nice and convenient. Stopping these monsters from entering our dead nation is "races," of course, so don't even think of it. Be sure not to vote for Donald Trump so we get a lot more of this.

When investigators asked Abu-Rayyan why he allegedly wanted to target a church, he said: 'It's easy, and a lot of people go there, plus people are not allowed to carry guns in church.

I would like to remind you that there's Africa Ball on the talmudvision and you should definitely be unarmed when you attend your JUDEO-christian church.

'Plus it would make the news. Everybody would have heard. Honestly, I regret not doing it. If I can't go do jihad at the Middle East I would do a jihad over here.'

If a jihad occurred in the Detroit ruins would anyone even notice?

It is unclear how he became radicalized, however, the FBI says he kept a sword in his car and dreamed of beheading people.

We just can't figure it out, riddle wrapped in enigma, etc.

'It is my dream to behead someone,' he told the agent.

The religion of peace. We need a lot more of this in Idaho.



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