The Anti-Trump Zoo

Please watch the following amazing video. Be sure to copy it and spread it far and wide.

This video is less than thirty seconds long but is so packed with symbolism it's almost unbelievable. I probably won't even scratch the surface of the densely-packed societal necrosis on display here. This is the sort of thing the "Cruz seems more reasonable" cuck needs to see. This is what Sally Soccer Mom needs to watch and consider if the pathology depicted might actually have a negative effect on the school districts. This is the face of the enemy, the biological weapon turned loose by the jew and now freed by decades of weakness from any inhibitions on their savage and moronic behavior.

The replacements for the White children you didn't have.

We kick off with some typical negro behavior as the "mule of the world" presents "dat juicy" to the Trump supporters. Over fifty years of appeasement, wasted money and shed blood and the negro animal hasn't made any discernible improvement from its vile natural condition. This could just as easily be a stone age tribe in The Mother, minus the clothes purchased with welfare hand-outs, of course. Homo erectus is going to vote for the Evil Party.

Then it's over to sullen, foul-mouthed la-teen-oh children, the natural conservatives and future Jeb Bush supporters if the telavivision is to be believed. "Brown Pride" declares a sign, which is commendable and heroic and certainly not "races" like if a White person did it. The may-hee-can flag is in the background. I guess the jewish attempts to teach the foreign invader how to make their tantrums somewhat more palatable to normal White America failed.

Vote Kasich!

Jeb's little brown children immediately start spewing profanity. Natural conservatives, strong family values, deeply religious, hard-working, sure to vote cuckservative, delicious burritos and wonderful mariachi I really need to go on? We need a lot more of these "undocumented" foreigners, a lot more. A few feet away the negro bongo party continues. Throw in a traveling merchant in the background holding the strings of this pathology and the picture of our bleak national future would be complete.

Don't make America Great Again, I want to keep picking at the corpse.

The la-teen-oh contingent switches to a foreign language with their threats and vulgarities because diversity is a mighty strength and isn't it wonderful how we have so many exotic voices and hurry up and die. The video ends, 29 seconds of the enemy undisguised, moronic and filthy "African Americans," entitled and hostile foreign invaders and the White coward that allowed it to reach this point. Take a long hard look at this, White tax-paying sucker. Maybe voting establishment really isn't in your best interests.


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