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Emergency Jew Committee

The Saxon is waking up and he's ready to implement the lessons learned from painful experience with the alien outsider. The endless kosher lectures on "intolerant" Whites have finally successfully produced them. The jew wails against nationalism and White racial consciousness and then carefully creates the environment that will ensure these ideas rise to the fore. They could have been content in their victory, allowed Whites to continue to pretend we haven't been subjugated in our homelands, maybe dialed back the genocide and spiritual poison a little. But this is not the nature of the demonic outsider that wants us destroyed. They always overreach, they always assume victory too soon and then the kosher house of cards crashes down. It's happening right now. Our enemy is starting to panic.

In dangerous times, American Jews have a tradition of forming “Emergency Committees.”

I mean, those Ukrainian peasants aren't going to starve themselves.

In 1939, fearing th…

Phony Hate Crime: Sodomite Attacks Himself With Phone

There is nothing more heroic than inserting something into your own anus, with the possible exception of destroying your genitals. These are the real champions of our dead nation and their prolapses, intestinal damage and incontinence are a shining example of the triumph of "love" against the invisible but omnipresent forces of "hate" that often violently lash out at G.B.S. Americans. Well, that's the kosher fantasy at least. Back in stupidoldreality the normal Whites ignore the degeneracy as best we can while the hoaxes pile up in a pathetic anti-normalcy heap. How about another one for the stack, this time involving a "remain" voter and his American vacation?

A gay YouTube star on vacation in Los Angeles lied about being the victim of a hate crime attack according to local law enforcement.

Never has the bar of "celebrity" been so low. All of you are amazing superstars full of incredible talent and unique insight. This sodomite makes little …

The Spread of False Information

We need a lot more immigration, especially in places like Idaho. Every last White must be hunted down and "enriched" by the presence of sullen and dangerous invaders who correctly interpret our deranged kindness for weakness. The more comically incompatible the "immigrant" is with the ever-shrinking pool of muh democratic values, the better. After all, every nation and culture and religion is equally good, which is why brown sewage is desperate to flee the lands their genetically programmed inferiority destroyed for formerly prosperous White nations. If the invader should happen to bring that failure with them and express it via sexual aggression toward preteen Whites that's something we'll willfully ignore and punish you for noticing.

Reaction to threatening comments from President Obama’s U.S. attorney in Idaho following the release of two Muslim boys accused of sexually assaulting a 5-year-old girl have been swift and severe.

Idaho isn't quite ready t…

Super Racism

It's summer in the Northern Hemisphere and this used to mean healthy recreation, pool parties, hitting the beach, patriotic holidays and all the rest. These traditional warm weather activities are now largely ruined by the "diversity" nightmare state created by globalist jews and their useful idiots, but it appears that new pastimes are springing up for free-range Whites to engage in. Activities like putting their faces in the way of brown fists and noticing "racism" lurking in highly "problematic" posters. It's not enough to have our fun destroyed and to be actively preyed upon, we must perform an endless penance to the enemy that wants us dead by keeping an eye out, the American Look, for anything that might offend the biological weapon the jew unleashed.

A Red Cross sign designed to teach children how to behave in a swimming pool has instead been blasted for being 'super racist'.

Not just regular "racism" mind you, but the new …

President Sadiq

This Current Year has already been the best the Current Year I can remember and we've got many months to go. 2016 will be remembered by history as the beginning of a return to sanity, borders, race realism, self-determination and nationalism. We are on the right side of history. The jewish "diversity" mythology is collapsing like the house of cards it always was and Whites are waking up and fighting back. Like so many times in our history, when faced with an insurmountable challenge, when beaten done and left for dead by our enemies, we've come back with new-found strength and resolve, sweeping aside the inferiors and reclaiming our birthright. In the U.S.S.A. common sense is back after an eight year trip down the cultural marxist rabbit hole. In the United Kaliphate it's time to start calling it the United Kingdom again. The ordinary "racist" British citizen has turned off the negro ball and rejected the false song of globalism.

Our enemies are afraid …

Chiraq: Father's Day Weekend Bloodbath

A joke my father used to tell: What's the definition of confusion? Father's Day in the ghetto.

Apparently the awkward efforts by living fossils to celebrate the absent "baby daddies" responsible for a new generation of tribal warfare results not only in bemused simians but also in dead nigga bodies (Ah! Ah!) littering the streets of a dying city. The jungle battles continue to rage in Rahm's kosher plantation with creatures straight from your worst nightmares making themselves more aerodynamic with the aid of gunpowder projectiles. What is the answer? Maybe fewer rights for White people, more wasteful programs, more pretending that a violent and worthless race currently fighting an all against all in the middle of a dead nation isn't really a problem. We're certainly not going to honestly address the genetic inferiority of these aliens, that's "racist."

The city recorded its 300th homicide this weekend and went on to record six others over a …

More Alien Moon Cultists for Montana

The U.S.S.A. is not dying fast enough. The eight year long celebration of White genocide after the appointment of the foreign mulatto sodomite has proven to be wildly premature. Whites not only aren't fading away, we're actually starting to stand up and resist the planned jewish demolition of our homelands. With a nationalist candidate rapidly consolidating his almost unbelievable gains while a Bible-chucking dyke bitch from hell faces prison time it's clear the way to settle this little family argument is to invite a few dozen strangers into the house and buy off their support with pathetic appeasement. America needs a lot more foreign jihadists whose religion (of peace!) and barbaric desert culture are completely incompatible with an open democratic society. If you disagree you're "racist" and "xenophobic" and "Afrophobic" and whatever other made up kosher newspeak our enemies can come up with. Every last White must be chased down and &q…

Laws No Longer Apply to Africa Ball Monsters

We're all equal and exactly the same (other than the inherent evil of Whites, of course) so any sort of "inequality" that occurs must be the result of "racism," of insufficient programs, of muh slavery and its cruel legacy, of witchcraft, voodoo magic and root doctors. When faced with the staggering levels of negro failure the contortions necessary to place the blame on something other than frontal lobe size becomes comical. Anyone with functioning eyes (or functioning ears or nose) can immediately discern that the negro is a failed branch of humanity that carries foreign DNA and probably shouldn't be classified as a modern man.

This is where fear of punishment from the jew and outright delusion must kick in to maintain the mythology that these living fossils are our equals. This is where the rule of law must be suspended because there's already too many shit-colored paws holding up bars in our kennels. Let's ignore the predictable negro failure, th…

Negro Animals in Gang Rape Horror

The jew would prefer us to ignore reality completely, but if we have to notice it while it beats us over the head and shoulders the nation-wrecker works hard to ensure we come to obviously wrong conclusions. Instead of wondering why we're importing millions of dangerous aliens with wildly incompatible worldviews into our dead nation we should be worried about "assault rifles" and "gun control." The issue isn't the genetically preordained failure of the negro, it's "poverty" and "the legacy of slavery" and "more needs to be done." Then there's "rape culture" the jew feminist's insane belief that normal White America supports sex attacks, when in reality the rapists are moose-limb sewage and negroes that resemble something from the far left side of an "ascent of man" drawing.

Five teens in Florida have been arrested for allegedly gang-raping a 16-year-old girl, according to police.

Those crazy "…

Paralyzed by Political Correctness

In my weaker moments I sometimes wonder if Whites deserve to survive, if our people have been tried and found wanting. Make no mistake, we live in a world where the strong dominate and the weak are crushed and all the hand-wringing and pearl-clutching by delusional "Buy the world a Coke" do-gooders doesn't change this reality in the slightest. For the balance of the disastrous jewish century Whites have been unbelievably weak, seemingly lacking in even the most basic self-preservation instincts. And here we are, paying the heavy price for neglecting our obligation to preserve our lands and our progeny.

One could argue that the endless jewish campaign to subvert and destroy our race deserves all the blame, but at the end of the day the decision to resist tyranny or bow down before it rests in the hands of every individual. We are not a Chinese ant farm after all, we are a free and noble people. It's a disgrace that so many voluntarily chose to abdicate our duties guar…

United Kaliphate Falls Off "Ethnic Cliff"

Attempts to force Whites to share their living space with hostile alien looters are foredoomed to failure, but this pathetic record doesn't seem to bother our enemies. Every last White must be hunted down and forced to live next to a dangerous tar-colored animal that views our suicidal generosity as weakness. It was never about "integration" and creating some sort of "we all bee hue-mann" utopia. The goal was always White genocide. This is why the jew isn't interested in the most basic facts or the most self-evident realities. They want us dead. The non-White scum is the murder weapon.

The reaction of most Whites to this kosher assault has been a combination of denial and pathetic cowardice. We'll just run away, that will stop a hate-filled synagogue of satan dedicated to our extinction. Run, run for your life! The number of hiding holes is shrinking fast. We must either restore our nations and turn back the dark tide or be drowned beneath it.

Britain is…

These Terrible Events

Victory requires no explanation, defeat doesn't allow any. No one will ever ask the winner if they played by the rules or if they "did the right thing." Strip away all the kosher sophistry and virtue signaling and all that remains is survival or destruction. At this moment in time Whites are under attack from the jewish nation-wrecker and the brown garbage that acts as their shock troops. The enemy wants us dead and many Whites seem more concerned with a flattering epitaph (Not All Were "Racist," R.I.P.) than standing up to the planned demolition of the West. Maybe we need to hear more about the holohoax, that should convince you that you're inherently evil and the kosher campaign to destroy your nations is totally justified.

Michigan public schools must teach about genocide, including the Holocaust and the Armenian Genocide, under a new law.

Public school is child abuse. We're getting our ass gently kicked in math and science, so let's devote more t…

More Paris Jihad

It's very important that we learn absolutely nothing from the sodomite bloodbath, other than perhaps somehow blaming it on rural White Christian gun owners. After all, Omar was as American as apple pie and baseball and certainly wasn't provoked by a desert death cult. Cool clock, Omar. Want to take it to the White House? Let's not get distracted from the main point, however. We need to memory hole this thing, make whatever anti-White hay we can and get back to steadily chipping away at the foundations of civilization. It's the right thing to do. Besides, isn't there Africa ball on your talmudvision? Look at that animal jump. This is much more interesting than something going on in El=France that you absolutely don't need to know about.

A police raid in the Paris suburb commune of Magnanville has ended with the death of a hostage taker, who fatally stabbed a police officer near his house and then killed his partner.

More deadly gun violence. We need to give up ou…


According to my jewbook feed the main issues good little human units are talking about are "Marshall Islands," "Greenland," and "Meg Ryan" but instead of discussing low level radiation in Micronesia, ice melting because it's summer in this hemisphere or what's wrong with Meg Ryan's face I feel we should address a minor event that occurred in Florida over the weekend. I know it's not as important as a planned memorial for a dead negro street brawler, but it is the most deadly mass shooting in the history of the U.S.S.A. and I'd imagine a few people care about it, even if big jew clearly wants us focused elsewhere.

We're all excited about dust storms and garlic bread.
What happened in Orlando will be business as usual in the coming "diversity" nightmare state. A desert cult alien opened fire on la-teen-oh buggery enthusiasts. With no national vision or shared culture the various mental defectives and brown-skinned aliens wil…

Cucktianity: Pray in Silence

Our enemies have correctly interpreted our suicidal generosity as the weakness that it is. All the groveling, foot-washing and pathetic capitulation have earned no goodwill whatsoever from the army of allah currently conquering Europe and it's likely they'll begin slaughtering the White population as soon as they have sufficient numbers. This is how our homelands die, not in glorious battle against all odds but on our hands and knees, whispering a prayer to the false god of equality because saying it loudly might offend the genetic alien preparing to swing a scimitar at our exposed necks. At least this proves we're not "racist," right?

Visitors to the church of St. Anthony in Ventimiglia, Italy, were recently told to “pray in silence” to avoid upsetting African migrants being housed in the building.

We don't want to offend the biological weapon with anything resembling healthy spiritual traditions. Instead look at the wall and mumble your little worthless pray…

Another Holohoax Con Game Collapses

The jew is pure goodness and light, uniquely persecuted by the goyim (that's you, you "racist") for no discernible reason other than the inherent evil of Whites. Consider the holohoax, where zillions of merchants and teen girls were cruelly murdered by electric belts gas ovens chambers according to trustworthy Soviet sources. Please ignore how this appalling fantasy has been steadily eroding despite massive political and legal pressure directed at anyone questioning the kosher mythology. Instead focus on how bad you are and how much you need to die after having zero children. Perhaps one of those "Oy, the fish was this big" stories from a Pennsylvania chosenite well help? Or maybe not, since it's been completely debunked.

For years, Joseph Hirt has traveled the country telling of his escape from Auschwitz as a wildly emaciated "60-pound skeleton with skin" who slipped beneath an electric fence to freedom and later to a new life in America.

The trav…