Death Toll Confirmed for Chiraq Memorial Day Weekend

If we only had one more special program, one more discriminatory preference, one fewer White face on the talmudvision, one more dry-tear speech from the Kenyan sodomite puppet, or maybe just a bit more general groveling and self-hatred from the shrinking White population. Then the negro would finally approximate something resembling a civilized human being. More always needs to be done, the horizon never gets any closer but we keep slouching forward, the evidence suggests things are actually getting worse. The negro is not compatible with a civilized White nation. They need to be removed, along with the jew that brought them here in chains.

Just after midnight, in one of the last shootings of the Memorial Day weekend, two people pulled out guns and started firing in East Garfield Park.

Those crazy "people" and their tendency to pull out guns and "bust" at each other. If only we had fewer rights, fewer Whites, all of this would stop. Pay those taxes. Don't have children. It's for a great cause.

The first call to police early Tuesday was for one person shot on Homan Avenue. Then a second victim. Then a third. Then someone walked into a hospital a few minutes later.

Yes, someone. Probably a blonde blue-eyed Swede all hopped up on Scandinavian alcohol culture. 

In all, 27 of the 69 people hit by gunfire over the weekend were shot in or near the Harrison District, one of the city's most violent and one of the most heavily patrolled by police.

There's also some interesting demographic data about this "violent" district, but that's not really relevant and I heard there's Africa Ball on the electronic synagogue.

The rich and vibrant diversity of Chicongo crime.

So many people were shot there that Deputy Superintendent John Escalante promised Sunday to beef up patrols.  Nine more people were shot there by early Tuesday.

Might be time to deploy that giant net over the entire negro area.

While the number of shootings was up from last year, the number of deaths was down. Last year, 12 people were killed and 44 wounded over the holiday weekend. This weekend, 13 more people were shot, but six fewer people were killed.

See, everything's fine. The nightmare animal survives to cause more havoc and you get the bill for pulling lead out of its turd-colored body. Everyone is a winner.

The holiday weekend was police Superintendent Eddie Johnson's first since Mayor Rahm Emanuel picked the veteran cop to lead the embattled department in late March.

Surprisingly appointing the "your other right" magic negro failed to improve the content of their character. 

80 I.Q. living fossil appointed by skeletal jew plantation master.

Residents and passersby at times grabbed towels and ice packs to aid the wounded. Others tried to figure out if the victims were friends or loved ones.

Sheeeeeit, get dat ice pakk, mudda fudda. Is dis nigga muh laved wann?  

Left mourning were family members, including those of Veronica Lopez. The 15-year-old was the youngest of the homicide victims, shot as she rode with two older men police identified as known gang members along Lake Shore Drive near Fullerton Avenue about 1:30 a.m. Saturday. One of the men also was hit but survived.

See, it wasn't all negroes, you "racist." It was also la-teen-ohs. Good kid, turning life around, riding around with may-hee-can criminals, future fertilizer or ash pile.

Later that day, in the Lawndale neighborhood, the mother of another teen, Shequita Evans, walked up to a scene of a woman who was shot in the neck while driving down Lexington Avenue near Pulaski Road.

Walking up on you, almost as dangerous as sitting in a car.

Evans lamented that she had to get through "one more summer" until her 17-year-old could graduate high school and attend college outside the city.

About to go to college, unlimited potential, gentle and loving, going to grandma's, certainly wouldn't stand on a corner in furtherance of criminal activity, etc.

At another scene in the Back of the Yards, a woman had to explain to a small boy how the loud pops they had heard weren't fireworks from the White Sox game. The boy smoothed the cape of a Superman doll as he asked officers if they had gotten the bad guys.

Dem pawps be dat tribull wah-fah leel nigga. No rests made, sucka.

Mark Lindsey, 25, shot while sitting in a parked car in front of his mother's house in the 3700 block of West 75th Place in the Ashburn neighborhood around 11:20 p.m. Friday.

The most dangerous possible activity for the "African American."

Garvin Whitmore, 27, shot in the head about 5:20 p.m. Saturday in the South Side's Fuller Park neighborhood. He was sitting in a car with his fiancee, Ashley Harrison, 26, who picked up a gun and fired warning shots in the air.

You would think it would be safe to sit in the car with your future Nubian Queen, but it obviously isn't.

The tally doesn't count a woman run over on Lake Shore Drive early Sunday. Her boyfriend, who also was hit in traffic, told police they were fleeing a group of armed robbers, and detectives have located evidence of a group of men in the area.

The outside of a car is no picnic for the jungle monster either.

So far, shootings are up more than 50 percent this year, although the pace of increased violence had slowed from earlier this year, when Chicago was on track to see shooting victims nearly double.

See, appointing that negro moron to replace Wally the Walrus as Police Chief is clearly working. I'm sure the summer months will see a massive decline in the monkeyshines.


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