Emergency Jew Committee

The Saxon is waking up and he's ready to implement the lessons learned from painful experience with the alien outsider. The endless kosher lectures on "intolerant" Whites have finally successfully produced them. The jew wails against nationalism and White racial consciousness and then carefully creates the environment that will ensure these ideas rise to the fore. They could have been content in their victory, allowed Whites to continue to pretend we haven't been subjugated in our homelands, maybe dialed back the genocide and spiritual poison a little. But this is not the nature of the demonic outsider that wants us destroyed. They always overreach, they always assume victory too soon and then the kosher house of cards crashes down. It's happening right now. Our enemy is starting to panic.

In dangerous times, American Jews have a tradition of forming “Emergency Committees.”

I mean, those Ukrainian peasants aren't going to starve themselves.

In 1939, fearing that World War II would imperil the activities of the London and Jerusalem-based World Zionist Organization, representatives of America’s major Zionist groups formed the Emergency Committee for Zionist Affairs.

All those gentiles slaughtering each other in fratricidal madness might inconvenience the globalist banker a little and we can't have that. Thank g*d the "good guys" won.

Meanwhile, in 1943, Ben Hecht and Peter Bergson created the Emergency Committee to Save the Jews in Europe to pressure Franklin Roosevelt’s government to do more to rescue Jews engulfed by the Holocaust. 

Muh holohoax. Get that paralytic to feed the goyim into the furnace of war faster, a few precious jews are being forced to do manual labor!

In 2010, Weekly Standard editor William Kristol and some like-minded conservatives created the Emergency Committee for Israel to support Benjamin Netanyahu’s hawkish agenda. 

The jew declares an "emergency" as it attacks you.

But more than a year since Donald Trump announced his presidential candidacy, and several months since he became the presumptive Republican nominee, there is still no American Jewish Emergency Committee against Fascism (or bigotry, or whatever name you choose to describe Donald Trump’s attacks on American Muslims, Mexican immigrants, an independent judiciary and a free press). 

Oy vey, the Bezos "free press" that walks in dishonest lockstep with the kosher agenda, the poor la-teen-oh here to loot and replace the hated Whites, peaceful and perfectly compatible with Western democratic values moe-ham-head...where was the jew octopus while all this was happening. Well, they were attacking Trump, nationalism and a return to sanity almost non-stop, but that's not enough, apparently. We need a special Stalinist office to help g*d's chosen attack the suddenly uppity shkotzim.

We need special jew committees because they have so little influence.

I hadn’t thought about this absence until last Shabbat, when an idealistic young Orthodox rabbi named Joshua Frankel came up to me during Kiddush and proposed creating one.

I can't stress enough how alien these satanic creatures are. We allowed these devils to take over our government, our media, our schools. They used this influence to destroy. It's time to take it all back, to remove the hostile outsider that cares only for  shekels and the thousands of brown slaves promised by the talmud.

His vision is to create a network of rabbis and lay leaders across the country so that wherever Trump speaks, there is always someone to protest, in Judaism’s name. 

In the name of Judaism.

Of course, some American Jewish groups have already criticized Trump.

Yeah. No shit.

The American Jewish Committee called his proposed registry of American Muslims a “horror movie that we Jews are quite familiar with.”

Oy vey, a horror movie! Common sense reforms, it's another shoah. The precious moon cultists that we're using as a bludgeon against you, forced to sign a piece of paper.

The Jewish social justice group Bend the Arc led anti-Trump protests just this week. And earlier this month, four prominent rabbis—one Orthodox, one Conservative, one Reform and one Reconstructionist—jointly declared that “Men and women of faith should indeed form a coalition to denounce the racism and bigotry that Trump spews forth and inspires.”

In other news Trump has taken the lead in the latest polls.

Frankel’s idea is to create something continuous, a protest that does not end until Trump’s presidential bid does. By challenging Trump wherever he goes, rabbis could use his campaign to rouse their own communities against bigotry.

Maybe calling him a "racist" again will work this time, unlike the previous 6 subblezillion times.

After protesting a Trump rally, some might take their congregants to a solidarity event at a local mosque.

LOL. The anti-trump zoo, as clueless and tone-deaf as ever. Be sure to also bring lots of mexican flags, to desecrate the American flag and to commit acts of thuggery before heading off to the mosque to stew in your own hatred of normal White America. That's sure to win over Sally Schooldistricts and Johnny Sixpack. 

Others might help immigrants register to vote. The goal would be a rolling mobilization in which thousands or tens of thousands of American Jews join the struggle to defeat the most openly bigoted and authoritarian major party nominee in modern American history. 

You're going to lose jew. You're on the wrong side of history, bigot. It's 2016. Wow, just wow.

Mexicans and Muslims will not always be the reviled outsiders they are in America today. One day, the children and grandchildren of the people Trump is demonizing will be highly integrated and politically influential and they will remember who defended their communities when they were under siege.  

The jew doesn't really believe this delusional nonsense, of course. They just want dead Whites.

The same is true today. An election like this comes along once or twice a lifetime. Let the Trump campaign be an opportunity for American Jews to show our children the kind of people we still are.

Don't worry Shlomo, you're shown exactly what you are.



  1. Get your EZ Bake Ovens and light the gas. Schlomo is about to paint the targets right on their sloping foreheads.


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