Falling for the Okey Doke

Please watch the following amazing video.

President Mountain Dew is here to save us from the nightmare of restored national pride and vision with a highly articulate explanation of why the comforts of the grave are superior. Unfortunately the Teleprompters have been turned off and the Big Brain mulatto with its sealed transcripts, because nothing says a free and open society like hiding basic information about the jew puppet, stumbles quite a bit. Babbling Barack can't quite get the b.s. past its purple lips. Through a combination of jewish cultural war, demographic displacement and pathetic cuckservative surrender this clown was elected to two terms in the highest office of the U.S.S.A.

We get a promising start as marxist hot air about eliminating "divisions" escapes the Naked Emperor. Romulus Augustulus offers some puerile banalities about a "tolerant" society, an idea that is now considered "races" and has been rejected by the cultural marxist, including Obama. After spending his term in office as an apologist for negro criminals and rioters, as a tireless promoter of spiritual poison, as a man who pandered to the la-teen-oh with a goofy affected Taco Bell dog accent and as an opportunistic scumbag who pushed a dead nation to the brink of open civil war it's somewhat sickening to hear the foreign sodomite pretend to be anything but an anti-White huckster and jew puppet.

Then everything falls apart as the empty suit stammers and stutters, unable to form simplistic and childish thoughts about the equality mythology without the help of words on a glowing screen. The turd-colored version of Porky Pig just can't get the words out and when it finally does it's to warn us against the "Okey Doke." I initially assumed this was another incorrect attempt by a foreign alien to use colloquial English (You're darn tootin'!) but it turns out this is negro slang, roughly equivalent to "trick bag." Stutterin' Soetoro, the hero we deserve.

More clunk, clunk, clunk follows. Eight years ruling a dead nation, condensed to a horrifically botched attempt to simply say "Trump bad, White genocide good." I feel a song coming on...

Barry don't go
Barry don't go
Barry don't go

The jew needs you

Talk to me tell me
Where you were late last night?
You told me with Saul Alinsky 

Hangin' out with radicals and chicanos late last night
You're lyin' cause you're stuttering

What was the okey doke late last night?
Stop lying to me cause you're ticking me off
See you're ticking me off, ooh Kenyan sodomite

I can tell you're lying
Cause when you're replying
You stutter, stutter, stutter, stutter

I called the Ivy League for your transcripts
Everything is sealed, tell me why
So I requested a birth certificate
Still no response, tell me why
I showed White guilt for you, I voted for you
And you played me, tell me why
Stop lying to me behind a teleprompter
Cause you're ticking me off, tick-tick-ticking me off 

I can tell you're lying
Cause when you're replying
You stutter, stutter, stutter, stutter

I smell b.s., damn it's strong,
How'd you get elected twice (I'm not done).

You messed up your nation, tribal warfare everywhere.
Oh yeah, (I'm not done).
Obama you're crying cuz you're lying to my face (I'm not done).
Stop lying about White genocide, Cuz you're ticking me off.

I can tell you're lying
Cause when you're replying
You stutter, stutter, stutter, stutter


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