According to my jewbook feed the main issues good little human units are talking about are "Marshall Islands," "Greenland," and "Meg Ryan" but instead of discussing low level radiation in Micronesia, ice melting because it's summer in this hemisphere or what's wrong with Meg Ryan's face I feel we should address a minor event that occurred in Florida over the weekend. I know it's not as important as a planned memorial for a dead negro street brawler, but it is the most deadly mass shooting in the history of the U.S.S.A. and I'd imagine a few people care about it, even if big jew clearly wants us focused elsewhere.

We're all excited about dust storms and garlic bread.

What happened in Orlando will be business as usual in the coming "diversity" nightmare state. A desert cult alien opened fire on la-teen-oh buggery enthusiasts. With no national vision or shared culture the various mental defectives and brown-skinned aliens will tear into each other and the merchant will crank up the ham-handed propaganda in response, even as their dream of hundreds of tar-colored slaves is lost and we return to a cannibalistic stone-age existence. Rival tribes in the ruins preying on each other, the law of the jungle, all against all. This is the long dark nightmare that awaits if we fail. These are the stakes. This is why we resist. Nationalism or tribal warfare, sanity or spiritual leprosy, a future in the stars or GRIDS blood splattered on crumbling walls. Chose carefully.

Somewhere on the talmudvision our mulatto puppet cries dry tears, unsure to side with the sodomite or the moose-limb. The two halves of its psyche at war, dreams of my pump-and-dump African father, banalities and empty words from a hollow alien.

After the initial attempts to memory hole everything the predictable kosher "narrative" kicked in. How can we blame White Christians for the profound ugliness of the desert cult and the la-teen-oh sodomite? The answers were predictable. We need fewer rights, we need to take the guns, we need to outlaw common sense ideas about immigration and what the rectum is used for. When the Ministry of Truth is run by low I.Q. browns and comically out-of-touch chosenites this is what you get. 2 + 2 is still 5 goyim, even as "4" is being posted all across the internet.

There was a desperation in the reaction, a feeling that our enemy realizes it won't win any debates now that their complete control of the media has been broken. The idea that "automatic" rifles somehow animate themselves and commit atrocities is now roundly mocked and it's becoming difficult to convince any sane person that Club Rubio and our beloved dead gay "twinks" somehow represent the glorious freedom of the U.S.S.A. 

Kosher con game.

We're seeing the game change right before our eyes. We are winning. Even the typical White cuckold response to these predictable disasters is conspicuous by its absence. No special memorial avatars on the information gathering sites (sodomite flag with a half moon over your picture?) no virtue signalling and lots of real talk. A few broken humans huddled around with candles to bleat out "imagine there's no heaven." They don't have to imagine, for these satanic perverts there's only fire. People are asking why we need massive unskilled immigration, why we need dangerous stone cube worshipers imported into a country where a third of the citizens are on government assistance. 

No one is talking about Meg Ryan's face.

It's our job to keep advancing the war of ideas, to expose the jew, to endlessly hammer the spectacular failure of "diversity" and promote White nationalism. As the kosher house of cards collapses we will have a chance to restore our homelands and save our people. We've already made progress that would have been unthinkable ten years ago and this is only the beginning. The future is ours.


  1. It was inevitable that their minority stack was gonna blow up. Let me tell you, they all say they hate YT, but the real secret is they hate each other more. They must be shell-shocked and stunned that their stack has blown up in their faces, they were probably hoping that painting Trump as a White Racist Man, they could hold this hive of scum and villainy together. They serious misunderstand how their stack worked or held together. Its not YT hatred, its free shit. Its a free shit coalition held together totally by freebies and goody bags. However, the built in animosity they have for each other cannot stay together too closely. Separately they can be made to follow the free shit, but together its a volatile and unstable mixture. I expect as more rallies for Hilldog set up, these crack ups and blow ups will start. You can't bring these scum together or you've got an instant riot and fight breakout.


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