Laws No Longer Apply to Africa Ball Monsters

We're all equal and exactly the same (other than the inherent evil of Whites, of course) so any sort of "inequality" that occurs must be the result of "racism," of insufficient programs, of muh slavery and its cruel legacy, of witchcraft, voodoo magic and root doctors. When faced with the staggering levels of negro failure the contortions necessary to place the blame on something other than frontal lobe size becomes comical. Anyone with functioning eyes (or functioning ears or nose) can immediately discern that the negro is a failed branch of humanity that carries foreign DNA and probably shouldn't be classified as a modern man.

This is where fear of punishment from the jew and outright delusion must kick in to maintain the mythology that these living fossils are our equals. This is where the rule of law must be suspended because there's already too many shit-colored paws holding up bars in our kennels. Let's ignore the predictable negro failure, that should help both the genetic alien and society as a whole. This is the way of anarcho-tyranny, the open grave the bloated stinking remains of the U.S.S.A. are being lowered into.

A Louisiana DA has dropped weapons and drugs charges against two Alabama football players - claiming he doesn't want to 'ruin their lives'.

One might expect that the burden of whether or not your life gets ruined rests on the individual in question and not on the legal system, but you have to remember it's our "racist" justice system filling the prisons with good kids and future oceanographers who clearly didn't do [anything]. A wise careerist ignores the rot, because it's easier and the walls of his gated community should be enough to keep the coal-black Mr. Touchdown from "busting" on his "craka azz" with a stolen gun.

Brow ridge, muzzle, huge flat nose, highly sloped low's a sun-tanned White!

Sophomores Cam Robinson and Laurence 'Hootie' Jones were arrested in May at a park in Monroe, Louisiana.

We can blame this miscarriage of justice on the unfair profiling of nigga bodies (Ah! Ah!). It's obvious that these two All-American good boy football heroes were probably just enjoying nature, a very common negro pastime. 

Authorities said they found a bag of marijuana and two guns, including one that had been stolen, inside their car.

Physical evidence, the most "racist" thing in the world, even worse than I.Q. testing.

Look at this missing link run! Roll Tide!

But DA Jerry Jones declined to prosecute them Monday citing insufficient evidence - and telling KNOE he didn't want to affect the potential careers that Robinson and Jones have built in football.  

Besides, who among us hasn't stolen a gun or taken narcotics in a public park? You have to weigh the crimes these turds are going to commit against the "tugs" they might score. I'm sure simply ignoring their criminality will trigger a burst of new responsibility and civic-mindedness in the 70 I.Q. minds of the heroes of Red.

'I want to emphasize once again that the main reason I'm doing this is that I refuse to ruin the lives of two young men who have spent their adolescence and teenage years, working and sweating, while we were all in the air conditioning,' Jones told the station.

Air conditioning privilege! I can't enforce the laws because Hootie and Barkevious got dat sweat on an sheeet. This is the state of jurisprudence in our dead gay nation. Let's just wait until the football morlocks rape or murder, than we might consider ruining their "draft stock" in the Negro Felon League slave auction.

'They did it, they've been successful, I wish them well in their future endeavors and I don't think this should be a strike against them.' 

"It's unlikely I'll be the one ultimately hacked up by these moronic creatures."

Full Story.

This scumbag ignored negro crime.


  1. You sir, have a gift at writing. Don't ever stop, even though my head might want to explode from the negro pathology, we still need to hear it every day.


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