More Alien Moon Cultists for Montana

The U.S.S.A. is not dying fast enough. The eight year long celebration of White genocide after the appointment of the foreign mulatto sodomite has proven to be wildly premature. Whites not only aren't fading away, we're actually starting to stand up and resist the planned jewish demolition of our homelands. With a nationalist candidate rapidly consolidating his almost unbelievable gains while a Bible-chucking dyke bitch from hell faces prison time it's clear the way to settle this little family argument is to invite a few dozen strangers into the house and buy off their support with pathetic appeasement. America needs a lot more foreign jihadists whose religion (of peace!) and barbaric desert culture are completely incompatible with an open democratic society. If you disagree you're "racist" and "xenophobic" and "Afrophobic" and whatever other made up kosher newspeak our enemies can come up with. Every last White must be chased down and "enriched."

Preparations continued this week in Missoula and around the nation to welcome refugees from war-torn nations, despite a new wave of opposition after Sunday’s mass murders in Orlando, Florida. 

It seems the shkotzim aren't thrilled with the idea of inviting more dangerous terrorist detritus into their country. Well, that's just too bad, because you don't get a say in the matter (and you wouldn't vote for Trump, he's a big meanie). We need to flood Montana with low I.Q., uneducated, hopelessly backward stone cube worshiping sewage because it makes all kinds of logical sense. There is, we are told, "war" in just about every country where non-White garbage is found in number. Obviously, we can benefit by bringing this pathology into one of the Whitest states. Two plus two has never equaled five more thoroughly than it does right now in Current Year.

Omar Mateen, the man who killed 49 people and wounded more than 50 more before he was killed by police, pledged allegiance to the Islam terrorist group ISIS. But Mateen was neither a refugee or a Syrian, and the same is true of his parents, noted the International Rescue Committee, one of nine certified refugee resettlement agencies working around the world to find homes for displaced people.

I thought they came here fleeing the 1980 Soviet invasion, which would indeed make them "refugees," even somewhat legitimate ones unlike the current crop, but I guess my doublethink needs some work. This time we'll make sure that every single brown snout in this massive invasion force of fighting age jihadans believes in American values like sodomy, promiscuity, materialism, empty hedonism, etc.

Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, renewed his call for a temporary ban on all Muslims from entering the U.S., saying, “We cannot continue to allow thousands upon thousands of people to pour into our country, many of whom have the same thought process as this savage killer.”

Don't vote for Trump, he's Hitler! The precious six subblezillion up the nawrtzee chimney! Moose-limb feelings hurt, the needs of Americans placed above the looting dreams of opportunistic foreign scum! It's another holohoax!

Totally compatible with Muh Representative Government.

Refugees who have fled their own countries are the most security-vetted population coming into the United States, countered the IRC’s Elizabeth Beresford in an email to the Missoulian.

Wow, even more than illegal wetbacks? That's sure impressive, let's all go back to sleep, everything's fine according to a careerist dyke traitor. 

"The vetting system has been methodically structured to both safeguard the security of the U.S. and provide protection to those who need it most, and to whom we have a moral obligation to protect," Beresford said. 

Our moral obligations. One might think these imperatives would begin at home and not in a desert half a world away, possibly with removing the kosher spiritual sickness that hangs over us like a vile fog, but no, the "right thing to do" mostly focuses on committing national suicide by importing moe-ham-head dog shit.

“As the details of this tragedy unfold, we must not stoop to fear-mongering and scapegoating one religion or an entire community due to one individual’s act of terrorism. Now more than ever we must come together and transcend any political rhetoric that attempts to divide us.”

Now more than ever we must ignore the most blatantly obvious realities in favor of sucking on the "immigration" shotgun.

 In March the IRC contracted with the U.S. State Department to resettle up to 100 refugees in Missoula in the first year, a figure that can be adjusted up or down in subsequent years.

Let's get the nose of the camel in the tent first, then we'll crank up the dials on White genocide.

The State Department approved a staff of 2 1/2 in Missoula – the executive director, a caseworker and a half-time finance manager. The latter two jobs are still being advertised.

Allow me to submit my resume for executive director of the Montana rot-promotion department: I've spent years in the communist indoctrination center and hold scraps of paper to prove it, I'm a self-starter, I believe in America First, I want to stop White genocide and restore our nation. I'll start at 100k a year. My first big initiative will be helping you "adjust the figure." The new proposed number of mudslimes: 0.

“At this point there’s just no way to say who, no way to say when, no way to say where,” Poole said.

You know what, make that 200k a year.

"Thank you America!"


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