More Paris Jihad

It's very important that we learn absolutely nothing from the sodomite bloodbath, other than perhaps somehow blaming it on rural White Christian gun owners. After all, Omar was as American as apple pie and baseball and certainly wasn't provoked by a desert death cult. Cool clock, Omar. Want to take it to the White House? Let's not get distracted from the main point, however. We need to memory hole this thing, make whatever anti-White hay we can and get back to steadily chipping away at the foundations of civilization. It's the right thing to do. Besides, isn't there Africa ball on your talmudvision? Look at that animal jump. This is much more interesting than something going on in El=France that you absolutely don't need to know about.

A police raid in the Paris suburb commune of Magnanville has ended with the death of a hostage taker, who fatally stabbed a police officer near his house and then killed his partner.

More deadly gun violence. We need to give up our means of self-defense and become as helpless and dependent on a government that wants us eliminated as possible. Turn in your guns, goy. The more defenseless you are the safer you'll be in the coming "diversity" nightmare state.

Reports claim the man was shouting Islamist slogans during the attack. 

I'm sure they just misheard, we all know islam is a rich and spiritual religion of peace that's totally compatible with our Western traditions. Maybe they just made this up, what with the rampant "xenophobia" and "islamophobia" in a White homeland that committed suicide in the name of atoning for imaginary crimes.

The attacker shouted “Allah Akbar,” Le Parisien cited witnesses as saying.

Welcome to our "diverse" and inclusive society. Isn't it exciting and vibrant to hear exotic religious (and deeply spiritual!) language in the streets of your otherwise bland and boring suburb? Think of the amazing food and music! All we ask in exchange is that you open your arms (and throat) to the poor "women and children" fleeing "war." What a bargain, merchant!

Welcome to Current Year Paris.

Unconfirmed reports have emerged suggesting that the attacker might have links to Islamic State.

You know what, I think there's a chance!

The terror group’s “news agency,” Amaq News, cited a source claiming that the perpetrator was an IS “fighter,” SITE, a terror monitoring group, reported.

Probably a misunderstanding. It's hard keeping accurate records for your barbarian horde when almost everyone is called moe-ham-head.

A self-described independent journalist, @Ibn_Sayyid, wrote that the assailant allegedly filmed the killings before sending the footage to “local contacts in Syria who posted it on Facebook.”

Moose-limb animal posts its stabbing spree on jewbook, the profound ugliness of the multi-cult laid bare.

The assailant, reportedly a neighbor, stabbed the police officer nine times in front of the house before taking his partner and son hostage, Le Parisian reported. The outlet said the victim was a deputy chief of the judicial police at the Les Mureaux police station.

Again, if only there were no guns.

French President Francois Hollande condemned the attack, saying the stabbed police officer and his partner, who held a civil post in France’s interior ministry, “were shamefully murdered,” according to AFP.

Ain't that a shame. Oh well, back to supporting policies that will guarantee this happens again, over and over.

Trust me.


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