Super Racism

It's summer in the Northern Hemisphere and this used to mean healthy recreation, pool parties, hitting the beach, patriotic holidays and all the rest. These traditional warm weather activities are now largely ruined by the "diversity" nightmare state created by globalist jews and their useful idiots, but it appears that new pastimes are springing up for free-range Whites to engage in. Activities like putting their faces in the way of brown fists and noticing "racism" lurking in highly "problematic" posters. It's not enough to have our fun destroyed and to be actively preyed upon, we must perform an endless penance to the enemy that wants us dead by keeping an eye out, the American Look, for anything that might offend the biological weapon the jew unleashed.

A Red Cross sign designed to teach children how to behave in a swimming pool has instead been blasted for being 'super racist'.

Not just regular "racism" mind you, but the new "super racism." The nice thing about meaningless words created by cultural marxists is you can use them however you want. Teaching children how to behave? That sure sounds like "racism" to me!

The poster - entitled 'Be Cool, Follow the Rules' - was spotted in two pools in Colorado and showed children playing in a pool with signs pointing to the 'cool' and 'not cool' children, indicating who were acting correctly. 

Gallant supports nationalism, race reality, shared culture and blood. Goofus supports globalism, "we're all equal" madness, open borders and White genocide.

Cartoon hate crimes.

But the majority of the 'not cool' kids were black, causing one bemused tweeter to open a dialogue with the organisation about what message they were trying to send out.

We need fewer Whites in everything, but we also need Whites to act as a holocaust goat for all of the failings of our multi-cult dung heap. "Put more schwoogies in the poster!" demands the wise merchant, but the end result is still a Thought Crime.

John Sawyer wrote: 'Hey, Red Cross, send a new pool poster to @SalidaRec bc the current one they have w your name on it is super racist'

A noodle-armed millennial vagina awkwardly stumbles around looking for witchcraft and black magic and successfully finds it! This future victim of non-White pathology is on hand to explain, in poopy talk, why this poster is deeply problematic. 


Red Cross quickly responded to the tweet writing: 'Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We're removing this from our site immediately & are creating new materials.'

We love Big Jew, 2 + 2 = 5, the negro is just a suntanned White, we're whipping up some new ones where all the bad kids are White...

The organization have since removed the poster from their website and have discontinued its production.

I'm sure the "African American" will take note of this pitiful capitulation and start behaving itself for the first time ever.

The hospital also released statement to NBC saying it 'deeply apologized' for offending anyone and added that it was 'committed to diversity'.

We are deeply committed to chaos, burning cities, irrational hatred of Whites, open borders and complete societal dissolution. I used to be able to mine some dark humor from this sort of exaggerated debasement but in a post-Trump world I can only shake my head in bemused disbelief. 

But Margarat Sawyer - John's sister - who took the photo of the poster, is still not happy.

Seven years in a gulag is a ridiculously light sentence for your Face Crime!

She told the site:  'I'm just a citizen, I'm not an organization, but I would want the Red Cross to collaborate and build relationships with Black Kids Swim and other organizations that do advocacy around this so that this doesn't happen again.'

Let's miracle away reality with expensive dead-on-arrival programs. Sounds awfully familiar.

 Evil bitch with soulless reptilian eyes wants more "advocacy."

She added: 'I think it's really important to think about the messages that we're sending kids, I ask for all of us to take that job on.

If we just close our eyes hard enough the outside world will go away.

She is now sending a formal letter to the hospital and to the mayors of both cities, Salida and Fort Morgan, to demand that they be taken down there and at pools nationwide.  

Wow. What a hero.

Full Story.

Gettin dat sween awn.


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