The Way to San Jose

I sincerely hope that we get at least one riot from the anti-Trump zoo per week until the election, after which all the Soros-funded scumbags will be removed. There is no better advertisement for nationalist sanity than a sea of foreign invaders waving their alien flags, ugly fat faces full of bad intent, criminal garbage whose only interest is devouring the dead remains of the U.S.S.A. This is the future if we fail, a sea of brown sewage teaming with myopic self-interest, violence and idiocy. An all against all where there is no shared vision or values, only the law of the jungle. Take a good long look at this, suburban swipple and ask yourself if this will be good for the school districts.

Protests outside a Donald Trump rally in San Jose, California, descended into violence on Thursday night, with supporters clashing with anti-Trump demonstrators in running-battles around the convention center where the candidate spoke.

Our rotting homeland staggers toward open civil war. The mask of "tolerance" and "it's the right thing to do" falls away, revealing the evil that was always behind it. The jew and their biological weapons want us dead and they want it with a minimum of resistance. We're going to have to disappoint them.

Hundreds of protesters, many of them Latino students and a large contingent of union members, had gathered peacefully outside in the late afternoon, at times jeering at his supporters as they passed by. 

Two-legged turds that care only about their stomach and genitals demonstrate their moral superiority to those of us that would like to see our nation restored.

The encroaching darkness.

But after the rally finished, the protests turned violent as anti-Trump demonstrators chased – and in some cases punched and attacked – departing Trump supporters, some of whom appeared intent on provoking and fighting as well, while other protesters tried to prevent the attacks.  

Evil demands "tolerance" until it has the upper hand then it attempts to silence all opposition. The rule of law collapses as political violence explodes in the streets of a state annexed by may-hee-co. We should also point out that Trump supporters are violent, too, often hurting the fists of innocent la-teen-ohs with their faces, etc.

Eventually riot police were deployed to control the crowd.

Yeah. Any time now, whenever you're ready.

Sgt Enrique Garcia of the San Jose police department said police made “a few” arrests but could not provide details on numbers or charges.

Few arrests were made. A foreign mercenary refuses to punish its fellow invaders. If Whites had staged a similar protest against cultural marxism they probably would have opened fire.

R.I.P. U.S.S.A.

But the mayor of San Jose, Sam Liccardo, laid the blame squarely at Trump’s door. “We don’t appreciate [anyone] utilizing campaign tactics of demagoguery, and pitting members of our community against one another to propel their own political ambitions,” he told the Guardian.

It's not the brown scum, it's that damn free speech. We need to outlaw it right away. 

Pooja Bachan, 18, attended with a group of her classmates who arrived from their high school graduation ceremony wearing baby-blue caps and gowns. “Donald Trump is misogynistic, xenophobic and racist,” she said. “I don’t support that for this country.”

A foreign animal demonstrates the high quality of its publik schmuel education, bleating out some jewish newspeak. It's time for this walking dog shit to go.

“I have family members who are illegal immigrants and they’re scared,” said Monse Lozano, 18, of San Jose. “I’m a citizen and I can’t do much for them.”

The enemy is scared and this is good. 

Other demonstrators waved Mexican flags and chanted in Spanish and English. One man yelled at Trump supporters entering the arena: “Somos mas Americanos que todos ellos.”

Natural conservatives, clearly rapidly assimilating and becoming good little taxpayers. 

I can't wait to start deporting this filth.

The crowd moved into the street and began blocking traffic, while police maintained their distance. Some Trump supporters waded into the crowd, seeming intent on provoking scuffles.

The police are not going to protect us. 

Several protesters snatched red “Make America Great Again” hats from supporters, setting them on fire. Some burned small American flags and ripped up Trump signs.

The last days of Weimar America, may it be forgotten.

“Now that I’ve turned 18, I want to be out there and stand up for what I believe,” said Martha Garcia, a student from San Jose, early in the afternoon. “The blood that runs through my veins is Mexican.”

Another "melting pot" success story.

Carlos Ceballos, an iron worker from Salinas who travelled to San Jose to protest Trump, was more understanding of the violent outbursts. “I guess it happens to the best of us,” he said as the final protesters retreated from riot cops. 

This is clearly the best your third world anus can evacuate.

Ceballos said he does not like Trump supporters, but as for Trump himself, “I hate him.”

A hate-filled bigot on the wrong side of history. It's 2016, get with the times. You're ignorant and dangerous and need to be removed.

Removing the may-hee-can haters.


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