Babbling Barry

Please watch the following amazing video. Be sure to make copies before it goes down the memory hole.

This is muh democracy in Current Year. A stuttering, stammering ignoramus wants to talk about "folks" and "working people" but can't even get the syllables out of its dog-hole with any reliability. While the mulatto puppet bumbles and stumbles the dyke bitch from hell watches approvingly, attempting to mimic the facial expressions of the human beings this hag hopes to rule over. A crowd that looks to be primarily made up of well-fed negroes and illegal invaders roars its approval when the Kenyan sodomite finally manages to spit it out. This is the last eight years in the U.S.S.A. neatly summarized in just over a minute. Criminals and incompetents, deviants and narcissists, scum that wants to govern burning cities and boarded-up factories.

Muh economy is doing fine, by the way. Just ask the first President to grow up in Indonesia and perform "interceptions" when the joint was being passed around. No one is voting for Trump because America is literally dying before our eyes, that's just some "okie doke." You must be "racist" and "sexist" and whatever other jewish names spring to mind. We have a sin debt of over 20 trillion dollars. A third of Americans are on some form of public assistance. The already terminally ill manufacturing base continues to erode, to leave for foreign shores. Our cities our burning, our cultural is full of disgusting kosher sickness, we have no national vision, we're routinely humiliated on the world stage.

Everything is fine, just ask the shit-colored version of Porky Pig. Vote cultural marxism. Vote for your own destruction.


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