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It would be nice to get through a few days without a memory hole incident involving a genetic alien murdering whatever targets are most convenient, but in a "diverse" dead nation this simply isn't going to happen. An increasingly militarized police state is the only thing holding back total savagery from the 70 I.Q. set and even that is being steadily eroded because we don't want to be "races" and the occasional mass-killing is the price we must pay to live in our great dead gay nation and you should get used to it, goyim. Everyone is equal, the negro is just a badly overcooked White and the moe-ham-head is actually a good little consumer and hedonist in the making, we just need to keep applying expensive interventions that have never worked, ever. The dangerous animal is getting better, honest.

Two people are dead, including a 14-year-old boy and a Lehigh Senior High School basketball star, and up to 16 are injured following a deadly shooting early Monday morning during a party at Club Blu in Fort Myers.

Luckily it was just an "African-American" and not a moose-limb. Holding the gun incorrectly in its tar-colored paw this monster was only able to bag a few African Tree Hockey players as opposed to the moon cult bloodbath we might have seen otherwise. Thank g*d you're just a negro, I thought you were a sand person terrorist.

Parents were picking up their kids from what a Club Blu flyer stated as a "Glow Party and Birthday Bash" when gunshots rang out just after midnight at the club, according to a flyer posted to a Club Blu Facebook post. 

The rich pageant that forms the morlock experience. Drop off the welfare markers at da club, get dat "glow party" on, get slain by your fellow evolutionary dead-ends.

Negro "teen." 

"We did everything we could to make sure these kids were safe," Club Blu co-owner Cheryl Filardi said, adding that at least eight armed guards were there for security. "There was nothing we could do ... a car rolled up and just started shooting."

LOL. Despite massive efforts to control the typical behavior that occurs whenever the Crabgrass-American gathers in number the content of their character still found a way.

There was a series of gunshots fired in rapid succession, she said, leading her to believe one of the guns involved was automatic. One of the security guards was also shot, she said.

Dem automatics doe. We need to disarm law-abiding White people so this sort of bongo party never happens again. That or just pretend this whole ugly incident never happened, whatever.

Among those killed were Lehigh High School basketball player Stef’An Strawder, who was heading into his senior year. He was one of three finalists for The News-Press basketball player of the year.

The world is much poorer for the loss of "Stef'An" which might replace Barkevious as my new generic negro name. He gwine bee da bakkaball playa aw da yee-ah. What a hero.

Emma Decimus stood crying on the corner of Evans Avenue and Carrell Street looking at the scene where she heard her 14-year-old nephew Sean Archilles was killed. "They saw him on the ground."

I sing of Archilles, low I.Q. and doomed.

"They should had security," she said.

Sheeeit beech dey done had aiyyt gawrds up in durr. Maybe next time throw a giant net over the entire dark mass?

"We grew up together," Laurent said of Archille. "He had a twin, Desean."

Yeah. No kidding. Don't worry, there's plenty of identical looking and behaving jungle monsters to replace this tragic loss of simian life.

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