No Fire Safety Merit Badge for the Anti-Trump Zoo

The piles of George Soros shekels sure don't buy what they used to. There was a time when big jew could get ostensibly ordinary people to act as its foot soldiers in the endless kosher war against White countries and institutions. Those days are over. The ill-gotten geld now purchases a circus of brown mutants and mentally defective communists, a semi-human mass so viscerally unappealing in appearance and behavior it's hard to imagine them shaping any "narratives" or earning anything other than contempt and disgust from a suddenly reinvigorated normal White America. They are on the wrong side of history. It's 2016. We're going to win. All the scum can do is impotently wave their noodle arms and set themselves on fire.

Police arrested 17 people Wednesday after a melee broke out during a flag-burning in the streets outside the Republican National Convention.

I would like to see at least one "protest" from the anti-Trump zoo per week until the election, after which the two-legged detritus will be removed. There is no better advertisement for nationalism and a restoration of shared vision and culture than seeing the communist garbage and their predictable behavior. Take a good long look at the may-hee-can with the Aztlan beret and shirt depicting a communist murderer, Sally Soccermom. Ask yourself: Will this be good for the school districts? 

It was the most turbulent protest since the four-day convention began on Monday. The chaos briefly prevented delegates and members of the media from getting into the Quicken Loans Arena for the night’s proceedings.

The last pathetic gasp of the sad remnant, the limp opposition to the unstoppable Trump Train falls apart. They were briefly a minor annoyance. Tomorrow is all ours.

The melee brought to 22 the number of people arrested during the convention, far fewer than some law enforcement authorities had feared.

Far fewer and far more pathetic

Among those arrested was Gregory “Joey” Johnson, whose torching of the flag at a GOP convention three decades ago led to the landmark 1989 U.S. Supreme Court decision that said flag-burning is speech protected by the First Amendment. 

Wow, what a hero. It's 2016, not 1989 you ignorant bigot. No one in Current Year cares about you, Grandpa.

Moments after the flag was set on fire, officers charged in to put it out with an extinguishing spray that some in the crowd thought was pepper spray because of similarities in the design of the canisters and the eye irritation caused by the fire-suppression substance. 

Now to try to save the communists from themselves, as a Reagan-era leftover who couldn't be further from relevancy if he tried fails to demonstrate the proper way to use "muh First Amendment" by burning things.

“You’re on fire! You’re on fire, stupid!” a Cleveland officer shouted at a protester while firing the extinguishing spray.

LOL. Welcome to the Soros BBQ mudda fudda.

I bee barning, I theeeeeenkkk.

“Burn that rag! Burn that rag!” supporters of the group yelled.

More like burn the fag. This is sure to win hearts and minds in Rust Belt states. Go back and read your (((Alinsky))), you're doing it wrong.

Police used their horses to create a path to a van for people being detained.

On tonight's hilarious episode of The New Adventures of Mister Ed...

Carl Dix, a representative of Revolutionary Communist Party, said the group organized the burning of the American flag as a “political statement about the crimes of the American empire. There’s nothing great about America.”

I guess this is more muh dead wagon burners nonsense, but who even knows or cares. A relic lost in the past, full of archaic bigotries and behaviors, headed for history's ash heap. Look at a calendar sometime, Dix. It's. Twenty! Six!!!!! Teen!!!!!!!!!!!!

“We want to wall off the hate of Trump,” said Tim Chavez, of Columbus.

My myopic and selfish demands on a feckless and dying nation should take precedence on a return to sanity and borders.

As of Tuesday evening, police said five people had been arrested since the start of the convention.

They can't even get arrested correctly anymore. 


  1. Are they on the wrong side of History? Can they even read to know? They sure are the bottom of the gene pool. All we need is to remove the artifice of Dummy Discrimination that is "Affirmative Action", and put the natural selection of the best and brightest back into place. This slime will ooze back to the ghetto and sewers naturally without these fake laws holding them up beyond their abilities. If they don't like it, they can have a one-way trip back to their nesting hole. Foreign Aid needs to be removed too. Let nature take its course and depopulate these losers who cannot contribute or survive in our world.


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