Person Without Color Grovels

Never apologize. In today's world it's more than a mere debasement in front of our enemies, it's a total and complete capitulation that will win zero goodwill and only feed the kosher fires devouring the rotting remains of our countries. We especially shouldn't be doing penance for failures that we have played no role whatsoever in and even bled and spent countless shekels to prevent, like the unbelievable malfunction of the "African-American" demon child. Alien genetics and shrunken frontal lobes don't care if you crawl on your belly, White person.

They came here in jewish chains. We fought a bloody fratricidal war to release them into a civilization they're totally incompatible with. We gave them money, gave them "housing" in the Whitest available areas, ignored their failures and trumpeted every comically insignificant success story (peanut butter!). We groveled and offered degrading appeasement. Still much more needs to be done as all of this insane sacrifice has yielded the worst crop of negroes yet. Maybe if we put on an anti-White sign and wandered around the rot that would help. One of these things has to be the magic bullet, right? We are, after all, equal.

Her message is direct. Just four words: Black America, I’m Sorry.

The pathology of the American White. Sorry about the low I.Q., Barkevious. It's my fault you were shot by a twitchy Oriental during your fiftieth traffic violation.

Laurella Willis’ methods are turning heads on Chicago’s South Side, CBS 2’s Audrina Bigos reports.

I would imagine. It's not every day you see a mentally defective victim of kosher indoctrination attempt suicide by negro. The Eloi wanders into the cave wearing a sign that says "I'm sorry, morlocks." Sorry you have to live underground with the machinery, sorry the light burns you, sorry my flesh is tough and stringy and doesn't taste very good as it's torn off in bloody chunks by your cruel fangs. 

“It’s very touching,” said one resident. “Especially someone who’s not colored.”

The heroism and virtue of the colorless individual. It means a lot, especially coming from a wite debil who we all hate. I might actually feel bad when we get the memory hole fodder "pack rape gone wrong" account of her inevitable murder.

Can you please start behaving yourselves now? Pretty please? Sugar on top?

About 20 miles a day, Willis walks with the sign. She says she is sorry about “everything that’s going on in America.”

Female brain gone insane. These are the consequences of careerism, lots of talmudvision and an empty womb.

“I don’t want to continue to see Black American being oppressed, and held down and killed like animals,” Willis said.

“No one put her up to this and she woke up and decided White America there’s a problem and we need to do something about it,” Wallace said. 

Well, unless you count the endless jewish attacks on Whites via our media, criminal government and educational industrial complex, but we certainly don't. This was a logical, freely made decision from a highly sane individual.

Black lives splatter.


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