Racial Justice

The best part of Current Year is that it's making "Everything's fine!" delusion among Whites increasingly difficult, if not completely impossible without crossing over into full-blown insanity. The truth is being plainly stated and the fear of being called nasty names by a rootless alien merchant is vanishing. Meanwhile the content of their character is all over the news cycle, forcing Whites to confront violent negro faces full of hate and 90 I.Q. negro "leaders" encouraging this mayhem on their talmudvisions. Whites should feel guilty and affect increasing unnatural behaviors, declares our criminal government while plotting on how to get more sub-Saharan garbage into Montana. After over a half-century of groveling, writing checks and fleeing, the negro experiment has ended in a spectacular failure. All that remains is cleaning up the mess.

This is not to imply that there still isn't an alarmingly large number of Whites still slumbering in blissful oblivion, still slouching toward the kosher abattoir. The difference is today they represent a pathological minority rather than the "Just pretend you believe it, it's easier, it's good for your career and you can always move away" cowardly majority that typified the Legacy American experience in the later portion of the disastrous jewish century. Now the suicidal freak-show ramps up the guilt and is exposed as the pathetic and craven treason to our people it always was.

A rally in support of African-American men and women killed by police was held Monday in downtown Louisville.

The pathology of the American White. Weep for the violent alien that would gladly kill you and everyone you care about if the steadily eroding rule of law vanished, swallow kosher lies, whimper on your belly before your demonic master. May history forget these people existed.

Hate facts!

Organizers said white people too often don't speak out against police brutality against the African-American community.
And if there's one thing Whites should be doing it's supporting the Crabgrass-American, whether through endless taxation, providing your face as a resting place for brown fists or supporting a cultural marxist deception that has our dead nation teetering on open civil war.

More than 100 people gathered for the Breaking White Silence rally outside Louisville Metro Police Department headquarters.

The 100 debased slave march. Look at me, I'm not "races!" This is all the Soros shekels can buy these days. The jew, its biological weapons and White useful idiots are on the wrong side of history. We're breaking the White silence all right. Law and order. Borders. National vision. Shared culture. A restoration of what was lost. No more sanctimonious tears over the fate of dead morlocks.

The event was hosted by the group Louisville Showing Up for Racial Justice.

Racial justice? What does that even mean? We used to have, you know, "justice," but it has suffered steady jewish attrition over the last several decades. Today "justice" is just code word for "get Whitey."

Some people held signs and others held pictures of men and women who have been killed by police.

They read the names of men and women killed by police and the names of five Dallas police officers who were killed on duty last week.

Then someone broke wind, which accomplished just as much and contained the same general level of reverence.

One organizer said it's time for the community to speak out against the violence.

Yeah. No shit.

More white people need to be breaking white silence and come forward and say, 'We want a country in which all of us are treated right,'” said Carla Wallace of Louisville Showing Up for Racial Justice.

A house divided can not stand. A nation half free (jew nation-wrecker, their turd-colored army) and half slave (White taxpaying sucker) can not endure. We want a White nation. They need to be removed.

Organizers said breaking silence rallies are being held all over the country.

The nationwide White degradation and self-negation tour, coming soon to your town!

Some animals are more equal than others.


  1. #NiggersDontMatter Hillary needs these darkies to go vote and she's not dark enough to motivate these creeps. I expect her whole stack of minorities are gonna fucking hate the blacks only show these morons will put on at Hillary's coronation. I expect La Raza to be there too, and maybe AIPAC and even the Anti-White Defamation League of B'nai Bris. That whole black shucking and jiving all night is gonna cause that victim stack of minorities to fall down. Its gonna be a RIOT (literally).


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