The R Strategy

Don't have children Whites! After all, the world is suffering from "over-population" and think of the resources a White child would drain and your child could grow up to be the next Hitler! Obviously, we've taken this kosher message to heart as White reproduction is at an all-time low, not even reaching replacement levels in many countries. Looks like the "population bomb" was successfully disarmed. Or perhaps not, as the jew has declared this a fresh crisis and we need hordes of pathological brown aliens to flood into our nations and loot whatever remains. All the semitic messages about saving our beleaguered planet and controlling the population were nothing more than a weapon used to great effect against Whites and only Whites.

Meanwhile the dark biological weapons continue to crank out genetically preordained failure at a staggering rate, but the "environmentalist" useful idiot is strangely silent. We're expected to pay for this silent campaign of White genocide and feel the crush of guilt when the bastardy and neglect lead to predictable results for the failed branches of humanity we accommodate. It must be because of your "racism," as you pay and bleed and die. We all know the negro monster is just a suntanned White, so if it uses the metaphorical cudgel against the West as a literal one it must be our fault. Somehow.

An 18-year-old woman was arrested Monday after allegedly using her infant to beat up her boyfriend, according to officials with Volusia County Beach Safety Ocean Rescue.  

The content of their character. A crazed jungle animal without a trace of humanity or basic maternal instinct for its hell-spawn uses a future oceanographer as a blunt instrument against the sperm donor. These are our equals.

Volusia County Beach Safety officials say the woman, identified as Tatyana Allen, and her boyfriend got into a fight. At one point, Allen used her 6-month-old baby boy to batter the man, officials said.

The rich tapestry that forms the "African American" experience. A tiny nigga body (Ah! Ah!) deployed as a weapon against a tar-colored creature straight from a nightmare. "Tatyana" grabs the bastard with the hardest head and swings it like a flail. More needs to done. More programs. Fewer Whites in everything. More wasteful spending. We can fix this horrific and pathetic savagery.

The Ratchet-American.

The baby was taken to the hospital and, according to officials, is expected to be OK.

We'll have to pay for it for as long as it lives. We'll have to absorb its criminality. 

No additional information has been released at this time.

We've got to get this into the memory hole fast, the shkotzim are starting to ask uncomfortable questions about their planned destruction.

Bastardy rates with bonus disastrous jewish century influence.


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