Usually a Wonderful Human Being

We are fed a steady diet of kosher lies from our media and criminal government. We are told that innocent negroes, about to turn that life around, are being gunned down by "racist" police. Clearly it must be "racism" and not merely the incompetence of an increasingly "diverse" 90 I.Q. police force that is forced to confront endless negro pathology. Then there's the phony hate crimes where obvious artifice is presented as proof of the inherent evil of normal White America, before it collapses and gets memory holed. Now it appears a new type of deceit is about to become common: a crime is actually committed by "diversity" and the victims lie about the perpetrators to prevent "racism." As insane as that sounds, it's already here.

A young left-wing German politician has admitted she lied to police about the racial background of three men who raped her in case it triggered reprisals against refugees in her country.

The only good news in this appalling story is the communist in question appears to be some sort of mystery meat and not White, although this sort of behavior from White women is not unprecedented. In any case it sure is funny how the jew feminism goes right out the window when faced with an actual rape culture from invading rapefugees. It was a jewish weapon against the White family. That's all it ever was.

Selin Gören, the national spokeswoman of the left-wing youth movement Solid, was attacked by three men in January in the city of Mannheim where she works as a refugee activist.

This Great Religion, this Religion of Peace that teaches you to love your neighbor just like every religion. One enemy within attacks another.

The 24-year-old was ambushed late at night in a playground where she said she was forced to perform a sex act on her attackers.

Late at night. A playground. An age 24 cultural marxist. Seems legit.

After the assault she went straight to the police - but she did not tell them the ethnic make-up of the men, that they were speaking Arabic or Farsi.

This is not how you smash the patriarchy, comrade.

The crazy soulless eyes of a mystery meat communist.

Selin, aware of the backlash that migrants suffered after the events in Cologne on New Year's Eve - when hundreds of women were sexually assaulted and robbed by marauding gangs of immigrant youths - instead said she was robbed and said her attackers spoke German.

We all know how criminal the vanishing White German is, so this seems highly plausible. Throw your own victimized body on the holocaust pyre, all of the West must burn.

She said a friend talked her into going back to the police with the real story because another woman had been raped in the area - an accusation later retracted by the alleged victim.

No arrests were made.

Selin, who has visited refugee camps in Iraq where she was shocked at the squalor people are living in, did not want to stoke 'more hatred against migrants ín Germany.'

Let's take that squalor, bundle it up and move it into the heart of Europe. It's the right thing to do.

To help her cope she wrote an open letter to a fictional refugee and posted it on Facebook. It read in part: 'I am really sorry that your sexist and line-crossing treatment of me could help fuel aggressive racism.

Our enemies are sick in the head.

'I'm going to scream... I will not stand by and watch, and it can happen that racists and concerned citizens name you as the problem. You're not the problem. You're usually a wonderful human being who deserves as much as any other to be safe and free.

I'm a great guy when I'm not participating in the occasional pack rape. I'm not the problem, it's the feckless and endlessly generous Whites. When cognitive dissonance "intersects" with leftist madness this pile of reeking kosher vomit is the end result. 

She now says people must never 'twist the truth' even if it is politically expedient to do so.

The truth, is there anything more "racist?"


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